Are Animals Conscious?


To answer this question, we must firstly define the term consciousness which is something philosophers throughout the ages have had difficulty doing. Understanding the essential properties of consciousness raises a number of questions such as; can consciousness be explained mechanically? Whether non-human, like animals, experience consciousness at all and whether it may ever be possible for machines like robots to develop a consciousness.

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Surviving And Blossoming After a Negative Attack On Your Core-Self


Have you ever questioned your core-self because someone placed a seed of doubt in your mind? All it takes is one negative comment and who we are as an individual can quickly unravel. Personally, I have had this happen many times in my life and even recently. I am a very energetic, positive, happy and caring person and I love being ‘high vibration’, it’s who I am. Yet, on many occasions, I have been ridiculed and put down for being who I am. I have been told: “You’re such a cheerleader”, “How can you always be so happy, it’s unrealistic”, “Are you on drugs”, "Only children are this happy", and other negative comments. These deeply hurt because all I want is to be happy and for others to be happy around me, bring each other up and want the best for each other no matter what. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive and upbeat when my positivity is attacked and challenged. There always seems to be one or two people that look down upon my core-self and will do and say anything to make me question and doubt myself.

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Working With Energy #4 - The Energy Of The Planet


Human beings aren’t the only beings with energetic bodies. Animals, plants, trees, and even the planet also have an energetic field or body. Our physical bodies are designed to be nourished by the Earth and all it’s incredible food sources, while our energetic bodies are designed to work with the energy of the planet which, if we allow, can balance and revitalize us.

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Last Thoughts on The Lions Mouth Opens


I was in this Lucy Walker directed documentary short film deliberately to illuminate and eradicate by bringing it into the light a particular torture that we all face in the potential of illness. I sewed my vivid ideas and sweetest of dreams together in it because I knew the lions mouth was closing and I didn't want to believe the lie that we are all alone. I didn't want to believe the lie that we die frightened.

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The Benefits of Spirulina


Spirulina is a highly nutritious algae and the oldest plant in the world. It contains vitamins, macro minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), chlorophyll, and a wide variety of phytochemicals.

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Gratitude Can Truly Change Everything


In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently correlated with greater happiness. It helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

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Sand: Nature's Exfoliator


Recently, Tina and I went to Lake Coeur d’Alene. It was a warm, sunny day in September and we leisurely strolled barefooted along the sandy beach. Our feet slightly sunk into the soft sand, squishing between our toes, while the lapping waves washed the sand off with every step. The combination of sand and water soothed our feet.

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Hello. Is It Tea You're Looking For?


Well, Lionel might have been onto something all those years ago, well…not quite, but you catch my drift. It’s something that the Japanese have been aware of for years upon years and slowly but surely us westerners are paying attention. Of late, over the last few decades there has been a tonne of research into the benefits of green tea. And you know what? Turns out it’s pretty darn good for you!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Working With Energy #3 - Releasing Energy


Previously we expanded on grounding by learning centering. Now let’s go a step further and learn how to release unwanted energy.

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