Tez Talks 16 "Lessons I Learnt from my Birth"


Tez Talks 16 "Lessons I Learnt from my Birth" Today I talk about my 25 hour natural labor and all of the unexpected things that came up. I learnt a great lesson in letting go of control and being present. I talk about these lessons learnt here and how my birth has helped guide me in ways that I didn't expect.

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Postnatal Yoga


The birth and the first weeks with your baby can be difficult. After all these joys and hard times, your body needs to recover and you need to relax. What better way than to do yoga?! Postnatal yoga is a physical and mental activity that is gently practiced with or without your baby! You can practice postnatal yoga a few weeks after the birth of your baby!

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Your daily leadership recipe in 6 profound steps


Learning to act as if it were impossible to fail There is something intriguing and attractive about people who act incredibly successful even before seeing any results. I have this eternal admiration for so many of my cyber pals and authors who radiate self-confidence, love and success through my computer screen. This leadership posture is not by chance; it is by absolute choice. When I started my entrepreneurial venture 8 years ago, I was blessed to have the most amazing mentors guiding me. My intention is to share some key insights I learned with you, in the hope that you will be pumped to rock your biz and your life - and live boldly every day!

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Emotional Affairs. Are you having one?


Affairs of the heart can be even more harmful than physical affairs – and given that 70% of all marriages experience an extra-marital affair (according to Sexual health Australia) I felt the need to shed some light on what an emotional affair actually is, and what’s needed to stop your relationship from becoming a shocking statistic.

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Homemade GF Pizza with Spinach Crust (Optionally Vegan)


I'm excited to share this recipe have been making a lot recently. The first time I made it I was distracted by watching Jennifer Lawrence interviews and I ate the whole thing by myself in about 20 minutes, it was so good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Xx

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Keeping your fresh food fresh


I’d love to have the time to duck down to the local market every morning, but it’s just not as practical as a weekly shop. My parents were big on frozen veg and packaged foods, so I’m breaking new ground with my fresh focus and along the way I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to get the most out of my goods pre-expiry.

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5 Things I Learned From My Cat


I can hear you already, you dog lovers. Things you learned from your cat? Cat lady alert. I understand, as I would have made the same comment not too long ago. In fact, I still think it from time to time, especially when I catch myself taking yet another picture of my cat, Opie.

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My Journey


Since the age of 14 I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve lost count of the crazy amount of different times in which I’ve tried the most ridiculous diets, even trying to starve myself in order to reach my goal weight. I spent years trying to feel comfortable with my body, juggling between being over to underweight.

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Shhh...It’s A Secret! Or Should It Be?


Most of us have some sort of secret being held hostage inside. And sure, keeping a surprise birthday secret is one thing, but when it comes to deeper issues, be it a health disorder, cheating on a lover or any other thing that causes embarrassment or concern, then letting it out is the only way forward. The reason people often keep things hidden is because they fear how others will react to their secret; being rejected, scorned or stigmatized does not help anyone work through a serious issue. Problem is, keeping secrets can be harmful to both our mental and physical health. It can really eat you up.

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Recharge Your Workout With Plyometrics


It's the holiday season, and I have been slowly losing weight, getting fit, and having a fun time figuring out what works for me, and what doesn't. I couldn't wait to post about what I have, in the past two weeks, added to my gym routine. It is called plyometrics-

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