The L Word


The stores have started stocking up on those pink and red gift cards and milka chocolate hearts. So according to the supermarkets all around me, Valentines Day is coming. It really made me think again about what I want out of a relationship and what for me love actually means.

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Myths In Biology


Are dolphins really always happy or do they just look like they are? The appearance of a smile is the consequence of dolphin physiology and not really a measure of mood. Like this myth, there are quite a few commonly accepted myths in nature. Here are five more very common misconceptions in biology.

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Maintaining A Healthy Weight - Webinar


My Webinar: "Maintaining A Healthy Weight Without Restriction, Deprivation or Constant Exercise"

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A Healthier 2015


In July of 2014, I grew very ill. I became riddled with terrible stomach cramps, vomiting and (sorry if this is TMI) diarrhoea. In a span of only one week, I was in the emergency room five times. At first the doctors only believed it to be a case of the flu but after arriving there my fifth time, they knew that it was definitely something more than that. I was admitted for two days.

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What I Wish I Knew In High School About My Skin


High School….how I loved you and how I hated you. Everyone was awkwardly growing into their own skin while dealing with school work, friend drama, heightened emotions, and for a lot of us, bad skin. I wish I could say I didn’t care, but I definitely did. My skin wasn’t the WORST, but I definitely had multiple zits camping out on my face 24/7.

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Dreams. For centuries people have wondered about the meaning of them. Historically, Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures believed that dreams were a visit from the gods or could foretell the future.

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The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants


Plants and flowers are amazing living organisms that are most commonly known for creating oxygen as well as a feeling of Zen and relaxation. Yet, there are many other benefits of having plants in your house or in your work office. Plants can help with many ailments including stress, colds, headaches and filtering contamination from the air. Plants not only provide greenery, but they interact with your mind and body in ways that help to create a better quality of life.

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Working With Energy #7 - Creating Energetic Boundaries


So far we’ve learned how to ground, center, release energy and how to work with the healing energy of both the planet and the stars. We’ve also learned the functions of our basic seven chakras. In this final installment we’ll learn how to set energetic boundaries.

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Maintaining A Healthy Weight


It’s that time of the year again and resolutions have possibly been made. You want to make 2015 your year. You’re going to lose some weight. You’re going to exercise more often. You’re going to eat healthier. You’re going to get a body that at least vaguely resembles all those people you see in the magazines and on TV.

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Working With Energy #6 - The Basic Seven Chakras


Our energetic body interacts with our physical body through energy centers called chakras (Sanskrit for spinning wheel). These energy centers are like pinwheels of light that spin and, similar to the iris in your eye, can close down or open up to allow more energy in. There are hundreds of chakras both in and around the physical body, but for our purposes we’ll explore the seven major chakras that reside within our body.

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New Years Resolution: Soda Vs Water


It's no secret that soda is bad for our health. However, as terrible as the sugary drinks may be, they have a way of becoming an unhealthy addiction. You're probably thinking, “An addiction? Isn't that a bit dramatic?” Nope. Absolutely not. As someone that has experienced soda addiction, I can say that it's just as hard as any addiction to kick. Yet, it is not impossible.

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