How To Detox Your Cleaning Regimen


by Stefanie Gomez If you have decided to detox your home and get rid of the chemicals under your sink, remember to use an approved method from your municipality to prevent harmful chemicals from polluting the environment. Most cities and towns have specific locations to manage chemical disposal, and while getting them out of your house is a good idea, be responsible with your choice of methods. The next step is figuring out how to clean your home without all those convenient (but toxic) chemicals. We’ve put together a step-by-step list of directions to revamp your entire cleaning regimen to one that will have your house clean and disinfected without the toxicity and health hazard associated with manufactured cleaners. It’s not hard and you’ll be surprised to learn that you can even save a lot of money over store bought cleaning supplies. 1. Choose Green Containers Recycled glass containers are the perfect choice for your new cleaning supplies. Spray bottle tips can be added if necessary for windows or mirrors. If you are concerned about using glass containers (or if there are children in your home) consider choosing recycled aluminum bottles. Try to avoid plastic bottles. The less PVC in your home, the better. 2. Reusable Cloths Artificial cloths such as paper towel and other disposable cleaning supplies add up to a lot of expense over the year and a great deal of waste disposal. Why should you throw out a cloth every time it is dirty? Invest in some quality 100% cotton cleaning cloths that can be thrown into the washing machine. You’ll trim your budget again and you will be making a more sustainable choice. 3. Make Your Own Cleaners Don’t be shocked because your Grandmother used to do it all the time! Using typical household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are powerful cleaning agents that can be used for just about anything including windows, removing stains and degreasing. • Lemon juice (citric acid) is one of the strongest food-acids in the world. Use this to kill virtually any household bacteria in kitchens and bathrooms. Add a little to the mop water to disinfect shower floors and tiles. • Sodium Borate (Borax) is a powerful disinfectant that also deodorizes. • White vinegar kills mildew and removes grease and build up. It is also great for soaking • Cornstarch is a great additive to shampoo carpets and rugs to deodorize and lift dirt, silverware to polish and for cleaning glass and mirrors. 4. Air Fresheners Some of the most pervasive contributors to poor indoor air quality and toxins are the very things we use to make our homes smell good. Perfumed air fresheners (whether liquid or solid) irritate the respiratory tract and create issues for individuals with allergies. Did you know that about 75% of American homes use some form of air freshener? The market for sales of these products is almost 2 billion dollars per year according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Some chemicals used in these products have been researched and the phthalates used in them are linked to reproductive abnormalities in children and birth defects among pregnant women. Is it worth the risk? Opt instead to create your own natural air freshers such as using vinegar and basic soapy water to disinfect strong smells (i.e., on a counter or cutting board). Invest in some good quality house plants which not only improve the oxygenation of your home, but also remove odors. Dried herbs and flowers in bowls or a vase can also lightly scent a space naturally and for your better health. Stefanie Gomez is associated with Essentia, manufacturers of the world’s only natural memoryfoam mattresses. She understands the importance about green/Healthy living hence she generally blogs about eco-friendly lifestyle, health/wellness, healthy and sustainable living options. She is also passionate about reading, photography, cooking, gadgets and yoga.

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The Benefits of Journaling


Flash back to sophomore year of high school. That Christmas my dad bought me my first journal. I was hesitant at first. What on earth would I fill it with? The answer was anything and everything! As it turned out that first journal contains a collection of dreams, lots of magazine clippings, movie ticket stubs and even my first stab at wedding planning before Pinterest came along! Now 4 years later I am just cracking the cover of journal number 12, and I couldn’t me more thankful to my dad for getting me hooked on journaling.

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Tez Talks #9 "The Healing in Letting go"


In this Tez Talks I interview actor/director Mark Webber on his strategies of letting go. From his humble beginnings of being a homeless kid on the streets of Philadelphia to starring in and making waves in Hollywood, his story is really inspiring and beautiful. NOTE: The audio is really bad so sorry! I tried fixing it for 2 days but the computer must've overheated and the buzzing is really loud so it sounds a bit distorted. We decided we would still upload it regardless . SORRY!!

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Farmer's Markets


Farmers markets are great places to buy fresh, seasonal, organic foods and also help out your local farmers! In this day and age when most of the food we see in grocery stores and restaurants comes from factory farms and processing plants, it is more important than ever to support those who produce natural fare. There is no better way to get your food than straight from the source (the earth) and farms also benefit the global ecosystem and spare animals from cruelty. Factories on the other hand emit high amounts of pollution, waste energy, and pose a danger to our health with the usage of fertilizers, pesticides, diesel, and hormones.

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Cholesterol. You Gotta Go There To Come Back….


Some things in life work in funny ways, and sometimes something so routine, so everyday, can lead you to something a little bigger. Earlier this year, I changed doctors and booked in for my first consultation…routine, right? She sent me for a blood test just to check everything out…routine again, yes? Now, anyone that knows me knows that me + injections = disaster zone, I am terrified to say the least (and yes, I know it’s only a tiny little prick that doesn’t hurt, but puhhllllease tell my sub-conscious that so it doesn’t get me worked up in a tizzy)!! So, as you can imagine, I procrastinated going for this blood test as long as I could. But, I bit the bullet and off I went…(and shock horror, I survived!)

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Easy Chia Protein Balls


These balls are so easy to make as you only need a bowl and spoon to put them together. They are super good for you as well! They are packed full of calcium and other healthy minerals from the tahini and give you a great energy boost due to all the protein Oh and they also taste amazing! Ingredients 4 tbsp tahini 3 tbsp almond butter ½ mashed banana 4 tbsp LSA 2 tbsp desiccated coconut 1 tbsp Chia seeds 2 tbsp sunflower seeds 1 tbsp goji berries For rolling the balls in: Chia seeds, cacao, LSA or coconut (optional) Method Mix tahini, almond butter and banana in a bowl until combined. Add the rest of the ingredients until a dough is formed. If you find the mixture is still quite wet add in some more LSA. Take small pieces of the dough and roll them into balls. If you wish, roll the balls in some Chia seeds, cacao, LSA or coconut. Store in the fridge or freezer.

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How to turn negativity into Gratitude


If the universe is listening and responding to our negativity, then it is only natural that negativity will be attracted into our lives! Our internal dialogue is the foundation of our relationships and forms the basis of how we live our lives. If this is a basis of negativity, disrespect, disapproval or desire for the life of another, how can we possibly find our truth and be at peace with ourselves, let alone the world around us?

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Green juice with citrus fruits and pineapple


Hello everyone, I’ve experimented a new good juice this week-end and wanted to share my little recipe … So let’s try, and hope you’ll like it ! I used the follwing ingredients:

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Work Comes Before Play…Or Does It?


As a busy lady living life in the Big Apple, I’ve recently had to learn the hard way that the mantra, “work comes before play,” has many different meanings and definitions. So many, in fact, that it’s been hard to keep track of when I’m actually working and when I’m actually playing.

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Tez Talks #8 "Surrendering Control"


Today I talk about the notion of letting go of the control. Control over ourselves, our path and control over other people. Trying to manipulate and control aspects of our life is a waste of precious energy instead we can learn to give over and embrace all that comes our way.

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