Get Rid of Spring Fever


Spring is in the air. For me, spring means flowers, sun, a little bit wind, new beginnings, challenges and goals. Spring my favourite season because in spring we overcome a difficult winter and spring is like medicine for us after the harsh winter. There is one more reason why we love spring: Spring is a messenger of summer. And, who doesn't like summer? And of course spring brings us love and spectacular fashion. But there is one little problem: Spring Fever. We’ve all had spring fever. Even to the point where it makes you feel ill. But don't despair. With some simple solutions we can get rid of the spring fever. Here are my solutions:

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8 Reasons Kale Recipe


I LOVE kale. It's extremely nutritious and I just got bundles delivered by my organic box scheme. Literally loads and loads. I may have got a little bit excited when I saw my favourite type available (cavelo nero). Here are 8 reasons why I love it and if you’re wondering what to do with it and how to prepare it, I have included a delicious recipe for you below.

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Communicating What You Want


From the Pueblos to Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), there are many schools of thought which teach that hoping for things is counterproductive. It’s suggested, admission that whatever you want is not already present actually makes it harder for it to become present. The doubt and fear included in hope actively fight against the underlying intent. Instead, imagine a reality where you have what you want. Make the reality as real and detailed as you can; let yourself emotionally, and sensationally feel how you would in that context. Then add a feeling of gratitude and appreciation to that moment. Those emotional connections will help transfer what you want to this present moment. After that, don't worry about it.

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Finding Your Passion


I’ve been feeling that the past two and a half years of my life has happened for a really big reason. I truly believe that something bigger out there, or the Universe is crafting something for me and it’s up to me as to how I decide to pursue it. It’s scary to think that your life is filled with endless possibilities, and you never really know where you're going to be even a year or two from now. The only way is to trust your instincts, and truly listen to your heart.

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Gluten Free Lime and Mulberry Cake


This recipe is an alteration of the a traditional lemon cake served in Paris. I have tweaked it over time to make it gluten free and a little more fruity. It is also delicious with a lemon glaze over the top or berry sorbet on the side, but I think I prefer it as simple tea cake. You can switch out the mulberries for whatever type of berry you prefer, but if they are frozen make sure they are defrosted first.

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Work your Legs


I'd like to share with you this 20 minute leg and glut workout that has evolved from my experience with trainers, Pilates, and ballet. These exercises are designed to strengthen, ton

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Tez Talks 15 "Finding Balance In 2014"


Today I interview my great friend and teacher Rachel Avalon. Rachel is a holistic nutritionist, Eco warrior, earth mama and just all round beautiful woman. I am so excited to share her philosophies and knowledge with you guys today so that we can all take the steps towards a healthier and more balanced 2014! For more information on Rachel or to book a cleanse or a session with her check out her here- @RachelAvalon

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Off to the Woods


There are times in life when the world seems like it is spinning a bit too fast and we’re gradually being left far behind, and for some reason things stop making the proper sense and start dancing a strange out-of-step dance. That’s quite normal, since everyone passes through troubling moments sometimes, but the way each one of us manages to take things back under control is the main point of living a lovely and excitingly free life.

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Homemade Vegetable Stock


I make all of my own vegetable stock. Being from New England, we have a relatively long winter, and that means a lot of soup. Plus soup is a great way to stretch any vegetables that you may have left at the end of the week. Buying prepared stock from the grocery store is expensive, and you can never be sure what exactly is in the box. Luckily, making your own is so easy!

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6 signs that you're relying on a sugar daddy/sugar mamma


If you let others control your money, you're leaving your financial destiny in their hands Learning how to step into your money power and creating financial independence for yourself does wonders for your self-esteem. I truly believe that nothing strengthens your core power and self-confidence like learning how money works and how to make and manage money. I went through a divorce in my twenties and although I had always been very independent, I must admit that I worried about making it on my own. So many of my friends enjoyed two household incomes, and I was about to embark on a solo money life. Would I make it?

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