A New Way To Journal For Manifesting Your Desires


I have always been an avid journal writer. Ever since I can remember, I loved getting a journal and writing in it. I'd write anything and everything. But in this post I'd like to talk about how journaling can help you manifest your ideal life. I had used journaling to manifest my ideal mate by writing out the qualities I'd like to have in my relationship (see my last post on YZL).

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Tez Talks 12 "Who's At Your Center?"


Today I talk about the importance of placing yourself at your center! Special appearances by Luna Palmer and Kohda Palmer .

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Communication Is Cool


And I don't mean just having a chat with your friend I mean REALLY talking with people in your life in a really authentic, open and vulnerable way. I learnt how to really communicate over the past eighteen months and my life has become much brighter and happier, I feel closer to myself than ever before. What I mean when I say communication is expressing thoughts and feelings and discussing where these came from and what they mean and how they affect your actions. Think about this for a second- How many times have you held your tongue when you felt a certain emotion come up when talking with a friend or your significant other? How many times have you blurted something out as a result of anger or fear which you instantly regretted? How many times have you talked over another person when they're telling a story or expressing a feeling?

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How to Build a Global Personal Brand in 10 Steps


Who are you? Why does the world need you? Why now? I’m off to give a talk tonight on personal branding to a group of 35 motivated and biz savvy women who wanted to know exactly what to do to build thriving global personal brands. I was asked to give this talk in a way that would be relevant to busy mompreneurs. In celebration of Mother’s Day, I was reminded that I had better keep it short, relevant and very simple to execute. I just booked speaking engagements in several cities around the world over the next few months and my vision 10 years ago was indeed to have a thriving global brand. I am so inspired by people who have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship! So here are 10 steps if you too have set an intention to be sharing on a global scale… 10 steps to building your brand globally 1. Know who you are Clarity is key and unless you want to be a hot mess running around in chaos, be clear on who you are. Your identity is key and the success of your brand depends on it. Not to say that you cannot go from being a nutrition expert to a celebrity life coach, but it’s important that you start with a clear message (especially when you’re just getting started). Who are you? Why does the world need you? Why now? 2. Know who you’re not Be cautious not to get in the trap of trying to be everything. I am speaking from experience on this one. If you have an addiction (like I did) to saying yes to everything, you’ll end up financially strapped, burnt-out and grumpy. The Art of Extreme Self-Care was one of my rehab books for ‘yes’ addicts. 3. Know where you’re going This is everything. If you have a hunger for global success, you must be clear. It’s especially important that you dig deep and pull out that internal core power and have enough confidence in yourself to feel successful before you see the external results. Every great mentor I’ve had has already seen the destination before they even got started. Any visionary will tell you that your mental picture is on its way, if you take consistent action. If you’re not clear on your destination, you may wake up in 10 years disappointed with where you’ve ended up. I’d prefer to be in the driver’s seat! 4. Set clear goals My personal philosophy is that the mind loves the number ‘3’. I have found that goal setting in 3’s is very powerful. Simple is better and gets the job done! Start with a 3-year vision statement (write out the juicy details of exactly where you want to be in 3 years). If you want to solidify this intention, create a picture map (or vision map) to go along with this 3-year plan. Once this is clear, write out 3 specific and measurable goals at the beginning of each year (one should be your annual income). And finally, once your 3 annual goals are set, follow this up with setting 3 weekly goals each Sunday night. Don’t forget to write your goals down on paper. It absolutely makes a difference. 5. Create a tribe The fabulous Seth Godin speaks in great detail about this in Tribes. Creating a global tribe or movement is so inspiring to me. What can you offer your tribe that they just cannot get anywhere else? Why are you worthy of a tribe? Who is your tribe? When creating a tribe, authenticity, generosity and wisdom must be given regularly. For many of my colleagues, the first step in creating a tribe is committing to vulnerability. You don’t have to share the details of your life, but it is a commitment to welcome the world into your life. It is important to share enough that your audience can get to know your personality. A tribe is built on trust. Your audience must feel safe with you. 6. Know your audience Nine years ago when I got started as a business owner, social media was not what it is today and traditional marketing around knowing your target market was key. I do believe that it is still important to be very clear on who your primary target market is (even writing up a clear description of this person, giving them a name and sharing the details of their behavio

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The Benefits Of Green Juice


So, you have probably heard about green juice already, either on this website or somewhere else. I am writing this post to tell you more benefits of drinking green juice, specifically, for your skin. Some skin benefits about green juice are in the ingredients. Most green juice recipes contain either spinach or collard greens. The darker the green, the more nutrients they contain. These nutrients help cleanse your system. The green juice flushes your system of bad stuff and leaves the nutrients. Whatever you eat reflects in your skin. Soda and other processed foods have been questioned for causing acne. The green juice flushes your system of those processed chemicals and put nutrients, such as iron, into your skin and body to help increase the strength of your natural skin barrier. The nutrients help strengthen your skin's barrier, which keeps dirt and chemicals from outside out of your pores. The flush keeps the bad stuff from processed foods out of the inside of your body and out of your skin. I have found after drinking green juice every morning, my skin has gotten much clearer and brighter. I also feel more awake. The juice i have been making is delicious. Here is the recipe for my green juice. 2 bananas 2 cups of cantelope 3 cups of spinach ( pack into blender) 1 sprig of mint 14 oz of water Add ice at the end Make sure you blend the spinach and the water first so you don't have leafy chunks in your juice. Be happy, be healthy. Maria Mercer Hi, my name is Maria Mercer. I am 18 years old and i am a yoga enthusiast. I love yoga and i love making homemade green juices. My biggest inspiration for staying fit is my mum because she is always encouraging me to eat healthy and stay fit.

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The Importance Of A Positive Mind For Good Health


The body can be compared to a car in the sense that it requires regular maintenance, servicing, good fuel and care to operate optimally and survive the bumps and unpredictable turns that the journey of life can take us through. Imagine if we tried to go about our lives driving a car around without a stable foundation…with one wheel missing, it would be an unbalanced and uncomfortable ride to say the least! Likewise, if our bodies don’t have a solid foundation, we’re not giving our bodies a fair chance to run to full capacity…driving us toward happiness and health!

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10 Ways To Happiness


We all feel a little bit stressed, tired and unhappy sometimes. But considering the difficulties of life and all that stress we are living with, tiredness and unhappiness are so normal. The important thing is to transform that unhappiness to happiness. There is a saying that "I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find out what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you are set." According to me, this is so true. That's what we've done to our lives; we are complicating things. And although we know that this is making us unhappy, we still keep doing it. If we stop complicating things Life is really quite simple. And for me, if we live the life full of happiness and joy there will be no regrets in our lives.

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Reishi Mushroom in Chinese Medicine


Ganoderma Lucidum known as Reishi mushroom is a potent and profound tonic herb. It is known in Chinese Medicine as the ‘Herb of Spiritual Potency’ and as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’. It is one of the most well studied adaptogenic herb ever.

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Pregnant Workout!


So I thought I'd write about my pregnancy work out! I've always heard of labor described as similar to "running a marathon" so I knew that one of the most important aspects of my pregnancy would be maintaining my fitness level. I've been pretty active over the last 5 years and didn't want to let pregnancy be an excuse to stop my workouts. I also downloaded "Exercising Through Pregnancy" by James Clapp and Catherine Cram which talked about certain myths in pregnancy exercise and how being told to "slow down" doesn't mean "stop altogether"

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Pumpkin Granola Bake


Pumpkin Granola Bake By Lena Parker-Duncan I have another recipe for you! I recently purchased 5 cans of fresh pumpkin (on sale of course!) and I was looking for a way to enjoy it instead of straight out of the can. Unfortunately, the dorm I live in has only ovens, no stove tops. However, I realized this could work in my favor! So I purchased a small baking dish, baking spray, granola, maple syrup, and whipped cream. I have never actually baked anything before, but this experiment turned out to be quite delicious, if I do say so myself. This is what you will need: Baking dish (~$5.00) Baking spray ($4.00) Pumpkin (fresh or from a can) ($5.00 (5 for $5!)) Pumpkin Pie Spice ($3.00) Maple Syrup ($7.00) Granola ($6.00) I only used 2 cans of pumpkin and 1/3 bag of granola, and that turned out to be a lot....I guess it will last me at least 4 days. So, all in all, this is a pretty cheap meal! Once again, this is really simple. Since I have no measuring utensils, I just did everything by taste/eye. You just sort of mix everything together, and put a thin layer of spice on top. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees and put it in for about 30 minutes. (You don't have to turn up the temperature higher or leave it in much longer than that because everything is already cooked, you just want to warm it up). Alternatively if you don't have an oven, you can use a microwave. And ta da! A warm pumpkin bake. To make it more dessert-like, just put some whipped cream on top! Pumpkin is a great source of vitamin A and it will make your skin glow! Happy eating! My name is Lena and I'm a college student trying to be healthy in a place full of temptation, while staying on a budget. Twitter: @bordersea

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