Work Comes Before Play…Or Does It?


As a busy lady living life in the Big Apple, I’ve recently had to learn the hard way that the mantra, “work comes before play,” has many different meanings and definitions. So many, in fact, that it’s been hard to keep track of when I’m actually working and when I’m actually playing.

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Tez Talks #8 "Surrendering Control"


Today I talk about the notion of letting go of the control. Control over ourselves, our path and control over other people. Trying to manipulate and control aspects of our life is a waste of precious energy instead we can learn to give over and embrace all that comes our way.

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A Battle Worth Fighting For: My Get Healthy Challenge


One day I woke up and realized that I wasn’t happy with my life: I was unhappy with my lack of energy, my lack of confidence, and more importantly lacking that sense of feeling truly healthy. Everyone close to me knows that I’m not a stranger to eating unhealthy foods. It’s not even about wanting to eat junk food… but that it’s convenient. I think that’s one of the main problems in America, why so many of us are overweight or obese: convenient, pre-packaged, fatty foods.

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A 2007 study, ‘Self-Compassion and Reactions to Unpleasant Self-Relevant Events: The Implications of Treating Oneself Kindly’ undertaken by Leary, Tate, Adams, Hancock and Allen examines the way in which self-compassion overcome the barriers brought forth by a self-esteem model of self-worth.

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Healthy Fridge and Pantry Alternatives


When I was a teenager, I was always bombarded with diet tips and tricks, which were everywhere from my monthly fashion magazines, books I discovered at the library, PE class and general lunchtime courtyard chatter. “Eat only protein”, “drink energy drinks for weight loss”, “only eat carbs, don’t eat any carbs, go vegan, eat for your blood type”, “eat lollies for a snack, because they are basically fat free, right?”

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The Kind Diet (A Book Review)


First off I must start by saying, I LOVE Alicia Silverstone. She is not only an extremely talented actress (Clueless has always been one of my absolute favorite movies), but also an incredibly smart, strong person who is kind to herself, to others and to the planet... And I think her book reflects just that.

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Zucchini Pasta


As a kid, zucchini was up there in my list of least delicious vegetables. I would always tried to leave it on my plate! But now, since I started studying nutrition, I realise how important it is to eat ALL your veggies, and, that you need to eat at least 5 servings a day. (1 serve = 1 cup/ 250ml) For many people this sounds like an excessive amount of vegetables! The trick to getting it all in is to get creative in the kitchen; include at least 5 different types of vegetables in your salad at lunch, snack on vegetables like celery, carrot and capsicum (bell peppers) with hummus throughout the day, or get crafty at dinner with vegetable stir-fries, delicious salads, frittatas, fresh vegetable soups or roast vegetable stacks. Recently I’ve started making Zucchini “pasta” and it has become one of my favorite meal. Zucchini’s are high in magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, beta carotene, manganese, calcium, vitamin C and B vitamins – sounds like a superfood to me! The other benefit of substituting vegetables like zucchini, for pasta, is that you avoid consuming the processed carbohydrates, which most pastas are made from. Your average supermarket pasta is high in calories and has a high glycaemic index (meaning the glucose in the pasta, breaks down very quickly, spiking your blood sugar levels). On top of that, most pasta’s contain gluten, which can irritate our digestive system (even if you don’t have celiac’s disease). Freshly made, whole grain pasta is delicious, and I’m not suggesting you completely remove it from your diet. Pastas (particularly standard supermarket varieties) have become a go-to meal for many, it’s cheap and quick to cook and all you have to do is add a bottle of pasta sauce (which are generally high in salt and sugar!) Substituting pasta for vegetable ‘pasta’ is a great way to reduce your intake of processed carbohydrates, and more importantly get more veggies in! It’s just as quick, and for all those pasta lovers, the difference in taste is delicious! Though it may take a little more time (compared to opening a packet!) cutting your zucchini into spaghetti like strips is fun. You’ll need a good sharp knife (or alternatively you can use a julienne vegetable peeler or a spiraliser). To start, slice your ‘pasta’ (I used 6 zucchinis for 2 large servings). Then, in a large fry pan or wok, place a few cut up cloves of garlic, an onion and some butter. After a few minutes add cherry tomatoes and olives, cook for a few more minutes. I prefer to cut the cherry tomatoes in half to allow some of that tomato flavor to really mix into the zucchini. Add the zucchini on top of the tomatoes etc and place a lid on top, steam/ heat for 5-10 minutes, the zucchini will soften. Remove from the heat, place in a large bowl stir in 1-2 cups of ricotta and the pesto. If you wish to make your “pasta” dairy free as well, simply skip the ricotta and just at the pesto. I usually make my own pesto, but a good quality pesto from your local deli is just as good. To make your own pesto you need: 1 cup olive oil – cold pressed and organic 1 cup of cashews (or alternatively you could use pine nuts or walnuts) 1 cup of parmesan cheese 2 cups of basil leaves. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until you reach desired consistency. If you prefer your presto less dense, just add more oil. Serve your pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper. You could also add a few handfuls of spinach or rocket (arugula), for freshness, flavor, and even more vegetables in one delectable meal. Bellissima! (As the kings of pasta say) Madame Nourish (aka Jess) loves green juices, fresh coconuts, quinoa cookies, sun salutes and the ocean. She is about to complete a nutritional medicine diploma and is a qualified yoga teacher!

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Is Your Life in Balance?


In life, there will always be many ups and downs. Likewise, many people like me, tend to either go one way or the other. By that I mean, we are either in a happy state of mind, where we appreciate everything we have, enjoy every moment, don’t have any major problems, etc.--or whenever we have a problem that emotionally destroys us, tend towards sadness, become pessimistic, find a “but” to anything new, get angry with others and yourself for not being able to overcome those emotional issues, etc.

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The Inspiration Train: Following Your Dreams, Even When It Gets Difficult


As the lovely photo I edited above states, this article was inspired to share inspiring thoughts that I have learned from interviewing two lovely ladies I've been inspired by, Hilly & Hannah Hindi (Youtubers), hoping to inspire YOU! Are you still following?

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How to Stop worrying


Van Wilder said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere”. When we worry, those negative thoughts and anxious feelings can make us depressed, or even physically ill. Worrying over a long period of time can have a lasting impact on our mental and physical health, and our relationships. There is research suggesting that we can even worry ourselves into serious illnesses like stomach ulcers, cancer or even death.

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