Shhh...It’s A Secret! Or Should It Be?


Most of us have some sort of secret being held hostage inside. And sure, keeping a surprise birthday secret is one thing, but when it comes to deeper issues, be it a health disorder, cheating on a lover or any other thing that causes embarrassment or concern, then letting it out is the only way forward. The reason people often keep things hidden is because they fear how others will react to their secret; being rejected, scorned or stigmatized does not help anyone work through a serious issue. Problem is, keeping secrets can be harmful to both our mental and physical health. It can really eat you up.

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Recharge Your Workout With Plyometrics


It's the holiday season, and I have been slowly losing weight, getting fit, and having a fun time figuring out what works for me, and what doesn't. I couldn't wait to post about what I have, in the past two weeks, added to my gym routine. It is called plyometrics-

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Curried Black Beans Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup


I was having trouble figuring out what I would make for dinner yesterday. I guess that is why people need meal plans! had a lot of black beans in the freezer, but I didn't want to have something tomato based. Instead I decided to try something different. I have never had curried black beans, but I figured why not go for it!

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A compassionate Life


I remember when I was little saying to my parents ‘I want to save all the animals in the whole world’. Growing up in a household with parents that allowed me to be exactly what I wanted to be at that time, they only encouraged me to get as much exposure to animals as possible. I started riding horses at a young age and volunteering at animal shelters. I also compiled a very comprehensive list of things I would do for our new puppy, should my argument to get one be convincing enough.

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Lust at first sight: Do you mix up love with a full-blown bout of longing lust?


We all know what lust feels like. That electric spark that passes from you to your heartthrob each time you touch. That sense of ‘I’ve found The One’ washing over you, before you’ve had a chance to even find out his/her name! Yet this head-over-heels feeling we’ve all been swept up by at one time or another is likely to lead us seriously astray.

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Carbohydrate is a word that many associate with being their worst enemy. Initially, I was one of those people that did and over the past two years I have slowly come to love carbohydrates and in a way has become a friend instead of an enemy.

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My ‘Your Zen Life’ Sunday’s Breakfast


After reading this week about the example of “Phoebe’s day in a plate”, I tried to add blueberries, chia seeds and almonds purée to my Sunday’s breakfast. You would probably ask yourself “why just Sunday?” Well, it’s just because I usef to wake up early, and even if I pre-prepare my food complements, nuts and seeds mix (more about them below), for the next morning, I don’t always have time to prepare breakfast. But of course, it’s great if you can prepare it everyday.

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How To Be Successful…In Your Everyday Life (Positivity Sure Looks Good On You!)


You know that moment when you're driving, or going about your day and you realize today is a good day? Or, you think about how things are finally going your way and you have this feeling of contentment, of satisfaction? When I have those moments, those days, or those self-realizations I take a moment to honor them and smile. Sometimes I wonder why I can't just bottle that feeling up and use it whenever I want to. And then the answer hits me, if I were to be on that constant high all the time I wouldn't be aware that it existed, and it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

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Secret to a Better, Healthy, Fit Body


A few months ago I heard from a friend of mine about this amazing, but insane workout that focuses on extreme athletic workout. It’s called “Insanity”, maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe even tried it. I tried it and it didn’t go exactly as planned; the workout is fully cardio and consists in a 40 minute workout once a day for two months.

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Everyone wants to look better, feel great, and live longer. We live in a modern world linked to technological and scientific advances yet we consume processed foods and conventional foods that lack nutrients. The ongoing effect of these poor nutrients has resulted in an increase in obesity, as well as other common and unique illnesses. It is important to be active and health conscious, likewise it is essential to consume superfoods (certain seeds, sprouted grasses, berries) which are special nutritionally rich foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. They are a powerful source of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential amino and fatty acids. They promote nutritional excellence, health and wellbeing, beauty, sustainable agriculture, and can transform individual diet and lifestyle, leading to a revitalized humanity and planet.

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