Do You Get Symptoms With Your Cycle?


Pain, bloating, skin outbreaks, cravings and irritability. These are just a couple of the common symptoms that women experience each month as part of their cycle. None of them are particularly pleasant and aren’t the kind of thing that women relish in experiencing; but despite this, they are important.

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Wired On Music


Music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain. Listening to jazz, pop or classical music can benefit your mind as well as your body.

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Top Six Places to Find Your Zen in Asia


Some of the most fascinating architecture in Asia can be found in the continent’s religious buildings, be they temples, monasteries, or mosques. Asia, as the birthplace of most of the world’s major religions—including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, among others—is a place with a long history of connection to the spiritual realm. As such, there can be no better place than Asia to find your Zen.

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Give Yourself Permission


When I tuned into Extras the other day I was really just going for fashion tips and a bit of goss. I didn’t imagine that the words of one gorgeous Kerry Washington could put me into a reflective mood.

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Food As Medicine - Part 1


From the beginning of time, food has been used as more than just food. Food is medicine. What we put into our bodies is ultimately what we get out of our bodies. If you fill your body full of sugary drinks and junk food, you will constantly lack energy and feel lethargic. However, if you fill your body full of good protein and greens that are full of natural energy, you will be filled with a balance of energy (not just a high off an energy drink) and will be able to think and act clearer.

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Child Sponsorship - Keyri Update #1


My wife, Tina, and I finally decided on a sponsorship program after many hours of researching. We chose Compassion International. We thought that choosing an organization would be the hard part, but it wasn't even close! Choosing a child was absolutely one of the most difficult things we have ever done. Why you may wonder? Because looking at all of those children staring back at us through the computer screen, all of them needing support and love, made us shed some tears. It is like, how do you choose one over another? We just wanted to help every child, but of course that is not realistic. So, we made some guidelines in the process and went from there.

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Where Is The UK’s Most Stressful Place To Work?


Whilst some people manage to sneak into dream jobs with flexi-time, 30 days’ annual holiday and a boss who encourages summer Fridays, the rest of us have to admit it – this working lark doesn’t always live up to the promises of childhood dreams.

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Meditating On Hate


The first time I tried to meditate on hate I thought I might have a panic attack. The second time I lasted maybe three seconds longer, so a good ten second effort. But when I was in India one day it just happened. And I discovered that when you are ready, it can be the most freeing, liberating, want to jump and laugh shout your joy from the rooftop kind of experience!

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Ace Your First Semester In Senior Year


Yes you can ace your first semester, and don’t be surprised about it. Actually, the things you need to do to be able achieved it were simple and easily to be understood. You are now leaving your lazy habit and working to be studious. Since you are already in your senior year, be prepared to feel overwhelmed with academic stuff. You'll find it very difficult to ace your first semester because student usually have 5 Ap's plus their extra curricular activities. Instead of pitying yourself go ahead and read this advice.

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How To Create A Toxin Free Beauty Regime


To what extent are chemicals in skin care a problem? Most of us use cosmetics and other personal care items without a second thought, believing that none of the chemicals will affect us, however, studies suggest that our skin absorbs close to 60% of the topical products with which it comes into contact. It is claimed that women who are using make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 2 kilograms or 5 lb of chemicals per year into their bodies. Some studies suggest we may be wearing about 515 chemicals per day.

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Learning To Live A Healthy Lifestyle


Confession: I’m 22 years old, and just recently cooked a meal for myself for the first time. Embarrassing but true. I’ve never had any interest in cooking, and spent four years eating at the dining hall at college. I started graduate school in the fall, and moved into my own apartment. I spent last semester eating frozen food, not working out, and wallowing in stress and anxiety as I adjusted to life on my own and an increased, difficult workload. One day, it just hit me that I wasn’t in college-land anymore: my real life had begun, and the habits I was creating would stick with me for life. Was I really comfortable with the degree to which I was taking care of my body, mind and spirit? I realized that I was not, and made the decision to change. I was going to make my health, both physical and mental, a priority.

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