20 Affirmations For Serenity Now


The use of daily affirmations is a super cool way to draw serenity and peace into your life immediately. Affirmations serve to help you instantly shift your focus back to the present moment and release any worries or fears that may be impairing the natural flow of your day.

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Book Review: The Honest Life


To start I have to admit that I absolutely love Jessica Alba. She is a wonderful actress, a mom, an environmentalist and a social justice activist. As if that is not enough, she is the co-founder of an environmental friendly, non-toxic company. What I admire most in her is that she really fights for a better world and uses her voice for the good, she educates, gives back, goes to D.C. to advocate for Safe Chemicals Act to shake up America's awareness on the effects of exposure to dangerous toxins and to push Congress to pass the act. She also wrote this fantastic book which is called "The Honest Life".

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'Simple Mills' Pumpkin Muffin Experience


I love muffins. Love them. It's very Australian I think to have a latte and a muffin for breakfast (Or did I make this up?)

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For thousands of years, humans have told stories about the full moon, whether folklore or theories. The moon used to be a method to track time. In the 17th century, anyone who wanted to move about at night depended on the phase of the Moon. And in autumn, farmers used the bounty of light from the harvest moon to reap the season’s crops late into the night.

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Tez Talks 19 "Not Dimming Your Light"


Today I talk about dimming your light and how to ensure this isn't your default setting to allow you to live your brightest and best life!

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Moving Your Body Outdoors During Winter


If you happen to live in a part of the world where winter brings colder temperatures, snow and ice, it’s most likely that you take your walking/jogging/running indoors for the season. But just because the weather outside is frightful doesn't mean you have to totally give up your outdoor exercise regime.

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Go No-Poo!


I haven’t used shampoo for two and a half years now. “What?!” I hear you exclaim. How did you do it? Isn’t your hair greasy? How is that even possible?

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4 Tips For Improving Your Body Image


Many of you may struggle with negative body image and self-esteem at times throughout your lives. Often due to cultural pressures to maintain an unrealistic ideal of beauty, women are particularly prone to negative self-thoughts about their appearance. Negative body image can contribute to anxiety and depression, and may keep you from participating fully in meaningful relationships. Whether low self-esteem has greatly impacted your life, or body image is something you struggle with occasionally, there are strategies you can use for change. These 4 tips for improving body image will help you shift your negative thoughts patterns and begin the body-positive healing process.

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Are You A 'But' Person


How many ‘buts’ are there in your life? ‘But this, but that’. I’d love to apply for that job, but I just don’t think I’d get it. Yes, that guy seems great, perfect actually, but there’s no way he’d go out with me. Are you letting your ‘buts’ get in the way of putting yourself out there, going for those opportunities and ultimately living the life you always dreamed of?

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Who We Are And Have Always Been


Any kind of transcending experiences of the mind, body and soul during childhood can sometimes bring about a radical shift in the way you would later on envision your life as an adult.

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