Are You A 'But' Person


How many ‘buts’ are there in your life? ‘But this, but that’. I’d love to apply for that job, but I just don’t think I’d get it. Yes, that guy seems great, perfect actually, but there’s no way he’d go out with me. Are you letting your ‘buts’ get in the way of putting yourself out there, going for those opportunities and ultimately living the life you always dreamed of?

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Who We Are And Have Always Been


Any kind of transcending experiences of the mind, body and soul during childhood can sometimes bring about a radical shift in the way you would later on envision your life as an adult.

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HYPOGLYCEMIA: A Personal Diagnosis


Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with hypoglycemia? Here’s the story of a 21-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with the condition. She gives you some tips to remember during the diet and lifestyle adjustment period.

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Why You Should Switch To Organic Beauty Products


In the last couple of years a lot has changed in my health habits: I have been through vegetarianism, veganism to trying to find a balance between taking care of myself and my body while taking care of the environment. Then I thought: if I am being so careful about what I put in my body food-wise, then why am I not as careful when it is about what I put on my body?

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How to Make Eyelashes Longer with Petroleum Jelly?


Raise your hand if you currently have a tub of petroleum jelly lying around in your house. It is no surprise that practically everyone has this miracle product in their homes. Petroleum jelly can be used for absolutely anything. You name it! You can use it on your lips, on your hair and even on your eyelashes.

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Beauty, Health

Benefits of Horse Therapy


“Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return. “ – Unknown Recently I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a privately owned horse rescue center. I did it, not just because of my love for horses, but because they have a way with calming me down and relaxing me. I feel like when I’m with them I’m not being judged or looked down on. I’m simply there to love and be loved. Which is what made me think of equine therapy and what it has to offer people.

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Book Review: 8 Things to Learn From: "Eat, Drink and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School to Healthy Eating"


Dr. Walter C. Willett, M.D., P.H., has been studying the effects of food on long-term diseases since the '70's. After decades of blood testing patients to get results about how the food they eat affects their future disposition to develop a disease, he got a life-changing statistic: "A healthy diet teamed with regular exercise and not smoking can eliminate 80 percent of heart disease and the majority of cancer cases".

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If You’re Feeling Down Today….


It’s ok, it will pass. But perhaps you were hoping that some great inspiration would come your way. There are millions of great quotes out there, for all of us who feel down, sad, hurt or defeated. Inspiration is a wonderful thing. And words are so important. Sometimes the right words show up at just the right time for us.

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Overcoming Depression, Inspire, Positivity, Psychology, Philosophy

A Beginners Guide To Developing a Meditation Practice


So you don’t have time to meditate. Ask yourself this: do I have time to feel stressed and worried? We all have the space in our lives to clear out some of the junk and make room for a mindfulness practice. Meditation is the key to self-improvement, managing emotional issues and living a healthy, happy life.

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Meditation, Yoga, Philosophy, Positivity

Body Transformation


As a nation, we are getting bigger each year. The health and fitness industry is pushing people more and more to get into “shape”, be “healthy” and lose “weight”. But is this really the right message to be pushing?

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