The Sustainable Kitchen


For those who love to cook and create delicious food in their kitchen, but are looking to become more environmentally friendly, here are some ways to make your kitchen part of the sustainable living movement. The kitchen, though, is a very challenging area of sustainable living because it does include diet and habit changes. This is often easier imagined than accomplished.

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Where To Start? Here's How, With Ashtanga YOGA!


It's time to access the wisdom of your body by moving yourself into a sequence of health-enhancing shapes. Don't put it off any longer - as soon as you think about it, you've already talked yourself out of it! Set your alarm clock and off you go, bursting with enthusiasm, aligning your body and soul to the yoga rhythm!

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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With These Raw Date Balls!


Each of us has a desire for sweet foods from time to time (or some of us all the time!) as our taste buds are naturally wired to experience a sweet sensation.

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Going Green For The Holidays


With the hustle and bustle of Christmas quickly approaching. Many of us aren't taking the time out to think green. But, I'm taking it upon myself to go green this holiday. So I put together a few ideas so that you can go green with me.

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Kitchen Sink Pumpkin Bread


Sometimes when I don’t have anything to do (or have a lot of math homework and I want to put it off a little longer) I get an itch to bake. I had a can of pumpkin and spices, so I decided to try and make some pumpkin bread. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of the necessary ingredients to make the bread, so I decided to improvise.

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Find Your Authentic Self


During certain transitions in your lives you may tend to lose track of yourself. This can feel terrifying at times and often leads to self-defeating thoughts that are deeply rooted in confusion and fear. Changes such as a new relationship, job, a move or returning to school are common culprits for this experience.

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Stepping Into The Light - How To Own Your Story


We’ve all been there right? There’s a part of our past that we’re not too thrilled about sharing. There’s that mistake or failure that we’ve experienced that we’re ashamed of, and we beat ourselves up for it. All the guilt, all the sadness, and all the pain gets washed up into our present lives, preventing us from moving forward and really stepping into our own light.

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Inspire, Positivity, Reflection, Self Awareness, Heart, Self Love, Philosophy

Growth From Loss


I vividly recall the Wednesday evening after giving group to my clients’ and having one of the most wonderful and blessed conversation with Karen. Karen was the director of the facility I currently work for, and she wasn't just a colleague, but a friend and in many ways, a mother figure to me. That Wednesday night, which was our weekly ritual to chat about life outside of work, would be our last because she passed away the next morning.

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Friends..Food..and Choices


We live in a culture of eating. We even have an entire holiday based on holding a huge feast with friends and family. We gather around for family dinners, holiday dinners, birthday cakes, and go out to eat with friends as a bonding activity. In Spring of 2013, I reached my heaviest weight and lowest self esteem before turning my life around beginning to treat my body with respect by changing my diet and my lifestyle.

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It's Okay To Be Lost


I believe that the one thing you really need in this world, is passion. The determination to get up in the morning, the commitment to make it through the day, and the perseverance to do it all over again. For me, these three things, form passion. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you are passionate about, but as long as there is something in the world that matters to you in such depth that it has the ability to make you feel happy and fulfilled, life will always seem more worth living. There will be a reason behind everything you do and you will live each day trying your best to get a little bit closer to your end goal.

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