Getting Out Of That Slump


Whether it's seasonal, heartbreak, school overload, work stress, or just low in motivation and energy, everybody goes through the stage of feeling exhausted and fed up at the world, and that is totally normal!

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Taking The Easy Way Out (No, Really)


Often we are told: “no pain, no gain!” from those who are successful or working on being successful. To an extent, this is true. You must experience the darkness to bask in the light. When it comes to mindset, there are a thousand roads to take that lead to ultimate peace and happiness. Every second of every day, a thought scurries through your mind and this pushes you one way or the other: sadness, or happiness. You have the complete power to have a say in what you think.

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Self Love: Three Keys To Loving YOU


Self love. We hear the words thrown round all the time, but what does it really mean to love oneself? Let me answer that for you…

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How To Find Happiness


One of the main goals of nearly everyone's lives is to ultimately find happiness. Sometimes happiness is hard to find and depending on the person, it's even harder than others. Probably the hardest part about finding happiness is knowing that the path towards happiness is not the same for everyone. There's no set way that guarantees that at the end of your life, you will be happy.

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The Road To Manifesting Your Positive Day


Ending a day full of positive outcomes is such a rewarding experience, and there are a few simple steps to help you have those days more often than not.

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An Introvert’s Reminder: Why Socializing Isn’t So Bad Sometimes


For many, the word introvert equals chosen isolation as an effect of one’s failure to communicate well with others. As outcasts, introverts are deemed to lack the knowledge of appliance of social norms; as a consequence, they are thought to be abandoned into a world of solitude.

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One Easy Way To Fight Less In Relationships


Communication is talked about commonly as a hugely important part to healthy relationships. But something much less talked is keeping up on our basic needs for survival. Are you well fed, well rested, hydrated, and clean? Do you have any other basic survival needs right now? If you feel lacking in any vital category, hold off on important discussions and first handle your basic needs. Then you can approach any situation with a more functional foundation and peace of mind.

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Not So Innocent Abroad


From where we sat the sun felt close. I watched the fresh cement crack in the heat. Below us, the setting concrete stretched down to the favelas. Through clouds I could see the stairs reach the hilltop. Every few steps sat an unlikely gathering of local Peruvians and Australian volunteers. We waited. The Australians had traveled the breadth of the Pacific Ocean for this purpose: three days of volunteer work in the favelas of Lima. We were assured that the stairs would provide access to healthcare, schooling and land rights. It was a good project. However, the longer we waited the clearer it became that it had a foundational flaw. That flaw was us.

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Seda: A Life Well Lived! A Spirit Shining Bright!


“Love the shit out of yourself right now regardless of any and all reasons you can invent not to!” – Seda James

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Why do swallow fly south in winter? Why do salmon return to their natal stream for reproduction and what is the reason a baby turtle makes its way to the open ocean? It is all due to instinct. Instinct is an inborn pattern that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli.

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Chris Sandel - Webinar


Info about the latest webinar from Chris Sandel - click here for all of the details!!

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