How Atopic Dermatitis Showed Me The Importance Of Acceptance


When I was in 6th grade, all I wanted was to be, and look, just like everybody else. I wanted to be as pretty as the other girls! But yet … I sort of just wasn’t.

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The Benefits Of Compost!


Composting is a great way to accomplish many goals to help preserve the environment. Sustainable living is one benefit of composting because it uses the organic materials in everyday life to create nutrient rich material to help your garden grow. By using organic materials from home instead of tossing them in the trash, you can help reduce greenhouse gases from landfills. Another brilliant way to use composting is as a family experience. Get children involved and teach them the joy and benefits of creating something that will produce food they can eat, or flowers they can pick. This helps children learn about biology, environmentalism, and patience, as well as getting them out of the house (away from the television, video games and tech devices) and doing something impactful and productive that they will benefit from.

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The Beauty That Still Remains


“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank This quote never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If Anne Frank, in her situation, could still view life with a positive attitude, then why can’t we?

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Turning Point


There's a turning point in life for everyone. With death, birth, disease, love… Something happens and your life changes forever. But that's not a bad thing. We all need these turning points. We all need a change of our life's route at some point. Because if there wouldn't be a turning point in your life nothing changes. You would be stuck in one point in time. For example, if you would never fall in love with someone, you would never be able to feel that joy, excitement, enthusiasm. Or if you never live a pain like death or disease you would never understand how important your health or how much you need the love of the loved ones. And most important of all, time changes, so must we.

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Dolphins in Captivity


Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) are the most well-known species of dolphins around. Dolphins, as well as other (marine) mammals are kept in captivity for entertainment as well as for research purposes. However, many animal lovers say that it is cruel to keep wild animals in captivity. There are two sides to the argument. On one hand, keeping animals in captivity is for the sake of educating the public on the wildlife habits as well as environmental issues. By doing so, the public becomes more compassionate towards these animals. Furthermore, these animals are often held captive for the purpose of studies and observation. Being able to understand the behavior of dolphins would aid to formulate more ways that would benefit the animals in the wild.

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Massages – Do They Relax More Than Just Your Muscles?


Most people are aware of the benefits massage hold for your muscles and to relieve pain. But did you know that massage also has an emotional dimension and can benefit your mind?

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Fudgy Cacao Energy Balls Recipe


One of the first recipes that I was dying to try out when I started my raw vegan diet were these cacao energy/protein balls that are supposed to be a great snack in between meals and post or pre workout.

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News Toxicity: Are You Poisoning Your Mind?


How much news do you consume on a daily basis? Are you a news junkie or do you take small bites? This week I wanted to look at how news can actually make us take on a more pessimistic view of life and even trigger depression and low moods. It’s not surprising, given that our environment has the ability to lift or lower us. And news is part of our environment if we choose to make it so.

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Top 10 Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices


Unfortunately life starts to get a bit harder as we age, we might develop certain diseases/conditions, our skin begins to wrinkle, our sleep cycle becomes hectic and more! There are ways to counter this however, we can supplement with herbs and spices to increase our health and appearance. We'll go through 10 in this article.

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Managing Migraines


If you've ever had a migraine you must know how awful and painful it can be. When migraines become regular it can seriously lower your quality of life and even make way for depression. As with all health problems, prevention is better than cure so I've put together a list of things to help prevent a migraine. Please remember, however, that everyone is different and some things which may have worked for me may not work or work differently for you.

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