Ditch the Bra if You Want Perkier Boobettes Ladies!


Lets be honest, wearing a bra can be a pain in the, err… Bust! Trudging into a fitting room, waiting to be measured, struggling into ten different styles to find the one that fits properly. Bra shopping often feels like more trouble than it’s worth. And according to one French scientist, it actually is!

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Summertime Picnic


Summer, the time of year I look forward to. Sun, warmth and the best of time in terms of fresh, available garden food. It's a time for sticky fingers and smeared ice cream. Trips to the beach, sunscreen and sunburns. Heaps of laughter and joy. What fun summer is. Picnics are a way life for me. I grab sandwiches and pasta salads and head off to roam around the forest. Thankfully there are lot of trees to find shelter from the sun. I spend quite a lot of time playing around with recipes for the perfect summer salad. Delicious on its own as a light lunch or as a simple supper, this summertime salad is a taste pleaser. This dish contains a whole host of superfood ingredients to help you live forever!

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Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes


Once blessed with the responsibility of nurturing a precious new life, it is natural that many new mothers start exploring the benefits of organic food, natural care products and organic baby clothes. I’ve compiled a list some of the benefits of choosing organic materials for your baby (in particular, cotton) below, but I’d like to make a little something clear first. I know for most of us, it is just not realistic to be able to afford to exclusively dress our babies in organic clothes. Like any of my advice geared at living a more natural and sustainable life…baby steps are the way to go. Small changes can make a big difference! At the end of the day, my intention is not for a parent to read about all the benefits of organic clothing for their wee one, only to slump back and feel guilty that they can’t afford to follow suit 100%. It’s about arming you with knowledge so that you can make choices that align with your ethos and budget, where possible, where desired. So, what are the benefits of investing in some organic pieces for your bubba’s wardrobe?

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The Gluten-Free Craze. Should You Climb Aboard?


There’s always a fad floating around. Sometimes it’s jelly shoes and quinoa and other times it’s crop tops and juice cleanses. Then there are these crash diets that magnetically draw people in. You know? And it’s all great; it’s fun to be in mutual agreement with half the population for a change. But can we at least admit to jumping on a bandwagon at some point in our life without any reason or prior knowledge about it? Say yes. This is about gluten, by the way.

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A Reminder To Love & Know Self


The intention behind this piece is a reminder to know self. If we are in a place of suffering, it is a result not of our surroundings but rather our perception of our surroundings. This is a reminder to reflect and ask about the choices we make in perceiving our situation. If we can pause and reflect, on how we are looking at ourselves in the situation, we may find that we compare ourselves to the lives of others. Anytime I scroll through social media, or flip through magazines, I am comparing myself to the lives of friends (close and distant), colleagues, stars and total strangers. Whenever I do this, or I find myself believing life should look a certain way, and I am attached to finding approval and justification from my external environment, or situation. I feel somehow lacking, when I unwitting lose sight of myself.

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Why Become Vegan?


I've heard a lot of people say being vegan is bad for your health, but studies confirmed that it's actually the opposite: going vegan is a very good choice if you know how. An explanation on what vegan diets are you'll find in one of the previous YZL articles. If you ever struggled with the question "Should I go vegan or not?", here are some of the many reasons why the answer should definitely be: "Yes of course!"z

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Lessons I've Learned From True Friendship


I wrote this based on what I sincerely believe friendship is. This train of thought was greatly spontaneous, as I never quite imagined myself gathering the courage, nor strength to share my definition of the word “friend”, which I think is completely personal, but extremely universal as well. I’ve had my share of bad experiences involving others surrounding me, and as I am flourishing and entering the world of adulthood I see my past as a blessing. It takes time, but it’s alright because it does get better.

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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions


I can never make just one New Year's resolution, and I think that’s a good thing. Why not reach for as many goals as one can muster each year? Plus, I don't want to put all of my time and energy into losing weight- that would just drive me crazy. Instead, I always make a few resolutions for different areas of my life like: relationships, health, fitness, aspirations, family, spirituality, career, and self. This way as each year passes I am moving forward in as many ways as possible. I also don't beat myself up if I don't reach my goal in one year. Some goals take more time!

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Now is the Time


Now that it's May it's a perfect time to check in with you all and see who has stuck to their New Year's resolution. If you have stuck to it-Kudos! Carry on. As the months fly by it's easy to lose the motivation that you had at the beginning of the year. You know that unwavering desire to change. Well, if you are waiting for a sign to get back to it, this is it.

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How To: Vegan Baking


Ever since I became a dairy-avoider, baking became on of my biggest passions. For everyone who has experienced problems with avoiding dairies while baking, here is a list of how to substitute them. Butter How to substitute: Butter is probably the easiest dairy product to replace in vegan baking. The simplest swap is margarine and I don't know any vegan baker whose refrigerator doesn’t include a tub of Earth Balance. Unrefined coconut oil can add the thickness that butter would, and canola oil works in recipes with liquid sugars or solid fats, such as ground nuts or chocolate in cakes.

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