Benefits of Eating Wild Rice


Wild rice is a special type of edible grass. It is an excellent low fat, high fiber grain. The rice has a dark chocolate-like color. It has a nutty, smoky taste due to the outer case it retains after harvesting. A 100 gram portion of the rice provides 100 calories. It is a good source of carbohydrates, which supply energy to the body. It contains protein and dietary fiber. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B9. Mineral content includes iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and magnesium. It is an excellent choice of grain due to its high nutritive value.

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Congratulations, You’re Doing It Right!


There’s a common misconception that in life, if things don’t come easy, then it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe you’re feeling discouraged, that your life is a mess and you couldn’t be further from living your dreams. Some people might even be telling you to consider a backup plan or to be more practical. But I say keep going and…congratulations, you’re doing it right.

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Healthy Banana Pancakes


If you, like me, have a particular thing for breakfast then I assure you, you will love this recipe. Egg and banana pancakes are the best invention a breakfast-junkie could come by, they are super healthy and very easy to make.

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Learning To Be Okay


An inordinate amount of my teen life focused on food: consuming it, refusing it, binging, purging – but most of all, trying to rewind time back to my younger years prior to my illness.

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Natural Remedies For Beautiful Skin


Beautiful and fair skin is everyone’s dream, especially the ladies. This is a skin that is mostly spotless, no blemishes, light and adequately moisturized… Here are some of the natural tips that could help you get that skin you always dream about. These come without much expense or side effects, and easy accessibility since they are more of home solutions.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Feelings And Emotions?


Often people put feelings and emotions in the same basket. Now while they are certainly similar, there are some distinguishing differences you really should know if you’re serious about living a happy life full of positive relationships. Put simply:Feelings are how you feel in the moment. Emotions are past unresolved feelings.

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A Short and Tasty Detox That Will Restore Your Balance!


Balance is something we should look for in every aspect of our lives. While it is fully ok to “let go“ once in a while and indulge in foods that are not as healthy (such as fried and/or sugary foods), you may feel a little uncomfortable after having overeaten on the day – or days - before.

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Identify Your Unhelpful Thought Patterns


You hear a lot in wellness and self-help articles about ways to combat negative thought patterns. I myself write often about strategies to combat limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way of your optimal functioning. However, this sort of approach often leaves out the question of how specifically to identify unhelpful styles of thinking. Often we only notice the negative thoughts that are the loudest, ignoring other thought patterns that may be more subtle, but are still contributing to unhappiness just as much. Take some time to review the ten most common styles of negative thinking. As you read the list, consider the fact that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all connected. How are the thought challenges you experience impacting your feelings and behavior?

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Tips to Avoid Nasty Mosquito Bites


Have you ever been camping or played outside only to find yourself covered in mosquito bites? Not only are mosquito bites itchy and painful, mosquitoes can also transmit dangerous diseases like malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and dengue fever. They can carry and spread Lyme disease as well.

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How To Get Healthy Hair Using Nature's Elements


I've always had very long hair. Even as a little girl, I looked like Rapunzel, because my mom wouldn't cut my hair. I also love sports, especially outdoors (ski, surf, trekking, ... everything). So, of course, that means I've always had to take care of my hair. As my mom has long hair too, I used to go with her to a very expensive hair salon where we had very expensive hair treatments. And I also spent a lot of money on expensive salon products for my hair.

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