My ‘Your Zen Life’ Sunday’s Breakfast


After reading this week about the example of “Phoebe’s day in a plate”, I tried to add blueberries, chia seeds and almonds purée to my Sunday’s breakfast. You would probably ask yourself “why just Sunday?” Well, it’s just because I usef to wake up early, and even if I pre-prepare my food complements, nuts and seeds mix (more about them below), for the next morning, I don’t always have time to prepare breakfast. But of course, it’s great if you can prepare it everyday.

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How To Be Successful…In Your Everyday Life (Positivity Sure Looks Good On You!)


You know that moment when you're driving, or going about your day and you realize today is a good day? Or, you think about how things are finally going your way and you have this feeling of contentment, of satisfaction? When I have those moments, those days, or those self-realizations I take a moment to honor them and smile. Sometimes I wonder why I can't just bottle that feeling up and use it whenever I want to. And then the answer hits me, if I were to be on that constant high all the time I wouldn't be aware that it existed, and it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

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Secret to a Better, Healthy, Fit Body


A few months ago I heard from a friend of mine about this amazing, but insane workout that focuses on extreme athletic workout. It’s called “Insanity”, maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe even tried it. I tried it and it didn’t go exactly as planned; the workout is fully cardio and consists in a 40 minute workout once a day for two months.

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Everyone wants to look better, feel great, and live longer. We live in a modern world linked to technological and scientific advances yet we consume processed foods and conventional foods that lack nutrients. The ongoing effect of these poor nutrients has resulted in an increase in obesity, as well as other common and unique illnesses. It is important to be active and health conscious, likewise it is essential to consume superfoods (certain seeds, sprouted grasses, berries) which are special nutritionally rich foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. They are a powerful source of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential amino and fatty acids. They promote nutritional excellence, health and wellbeing, beauty, sustainable agriculture, and can transform individual diet and lifestyle, leading to a revitalized humanity and planet.

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The Myth of Bottled Water


Fresh, clean, pure- these are adjectives used to describe bottled water. But is it really? Commercials are used to sell people wants. Cars, clothes, even love (eHarmony, anyone?) But more and more we’re seeing commercials for a basic human need: Water. Portable, plastic-cased, mass produced water.

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What Makes NYC Women in Biz So Hot?


How to access the energy and drive of New York City power women I’ve been hanging out in NYC this week for a few events, which have inspired me to share some goodness on why I think NYC women biz owners are so hot. There is something about the energy here in NYC that makes you want to bust it out. It’s my belief that NYC is the most delicious city in the world to develop rock solid self-esteem. You are surrounded by great people, great places and great possibility. So what is it about female biz owners in NYC that is just so appealing?

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Vegetarian Diets: Quinoa, Chickpea and Tofu Tabouli


Becoming a vegetarian is not your meal ticket to weight loss. Everyone is entitled to individual food choices, whatever they may be. And the choice to tread lightly on the earth is one which is nothing but admirable. But, it’s important to note that vegetarians more often than not carry more weight than those who eat meat. It’s unfortunate but true that these days a vegetarian is most likely to have a less than perfect diet, maybe even worse than many omnivores.

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The Art of Waiting Out


In this day and age, waiting out is an excruciatingly painful thing to do; especially to the modern man, too accustomed riding the high lane. Everywhere he goes, everything he does, he finds himself caught and surrounded by red buttons of instant gratification that are shoved into his face without his consent. After decades of breathing, swimming, and functioning within technology, we have inadvertently chained our own survival sensors to these buttons— technological buttons—and have subconsciously re-wired our lifestyle and way of thinking to the point that we now press these buttons even when we do not need them. We press them out of habit, out of comfort, and out of fear of ‘Waiting Out’.

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All aboard the grain train


The question about grains (the seeds of grasses) and gluten comes up constantly in this health field. Walking down the aisle of an organic health food store there is “whole grain” on so many of the products, meaning there will be a cooked wheat or other gluten containing grain (like rye, barley, spelt etc.) sitting amounts the ingredients list... So naturally many conclude that if gluten is in all these “health foods,” that it’s ok to include in the diet. There are many issues that arise through including these in the diet however; let’s break them down and lift the veil on this issue.

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Get Rid of Spring Fever


Spring is in the air. For me, spring means flowers, sun, a little bit wind, new beginnings, challenges and goals. Spring my favourite season because in spring we overcome a difficult winter and spring is like medicine for us after the harsh winter. There is one more reason why we love spring: Spring is a messenger of summer. And, who doesn't like summer? And of course spring brings us love and spectacular fashion. But there is one little problem: Spring Fever. We’ve all had spring fever. Even to the point where it makes you feel ill. But don't despair. With some simple solutions we can get rid of the spring fever. Here are my solutions:

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