Massages – Do They Relax More Than Just Your Muscles?


Most people are aware of the benefits massage hold for your muscles and to relieve pain. But did you know that massage also has an emotional dimension and can benefit your mind?

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Philosophy, Psychology, Health, Overcoming Depression

Fudgy Cacao Energy Balls Recipe


One of the first recipes that I was dying to try out when I started my raw vegan diet were these cacao energy/protein balls that are supposed to be a great snack in between meals and post or pre workout.

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Health, Nutrition, Vegan, Raw

News Toxicity: Are You Poisoning Your Mind?


How much news do you consume on a daily basis? Are you a news junkie or do you take small bites? This week I wanted to look at how news can actually make us take on a more pessimistic view of life and even trigger depression and low moods. It’s not surprising, given that our environment has the ability to lift or lower us. And news is part of our environment if we choose to make it so.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity

Top 10 Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices


Unfortunately life starts to get a bit harder as we age, we might develop certain diseases/conditions, our skin begins to wrinkle, our sleep cycle becomes hectic and more! There are ways to counter this however, we can supplement with herbs and spices to increase our health and appearance. We'll go through 10 in this article.

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Health, Beauty, Natural Remedies, Nutrition

Managing Migraines


If you've ever had a migraine you must know how awful and painful it can be. When migraines become regular it can seriously lower your quality of life and even make way for depression. As with all health problems, prevention is better than cure so I've put together a list of things to help prevent a migraine. Please remember, however, that everyone is different and some things which may have worked for me may not work or work differently for you.

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Overcoming Depression, Health, Natural Remedies

Benefits of Eating Wild Rice


Wild rice is a special type of edible grass. It is an excellent low fat, high fiber grain. The rice has a dark chocolate-like color. It has a nutty, smoky taste due to the outer case it retains after harvesting. A 100 gram portion of the rice provides 100 calories. It is a good source of carbohydrates, which supply energy to the body. It contains protein and dietary fiber. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B9. Mineral content includes iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and magnesium. It is an excellent choice of grain due to its high nutritive value.

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Nutrition, Vegan, Health, Organic, Gluten-free

Congratulations, You’re Doing It Right!


There’s a common misconception that in life, if things don’t come easy, then it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe you’re feeling discouraged, that your life is a mess and you couldn’t be further from living your dreams. Some people might even be telling you to consider a backup plan or to be more practical. But I say keep going and…congratulations, you’re doing it right.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity

Healthy Banana Pancakes


If you, like me, have a particular thing for breakfast then I assure you, you will love this recipe. Egg and banana pancakes are the best invention a breakfast-junkie could come by, they are super healthy and very easy to make.

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Vegetarian, Health, Nutrition

Learning To Be Okay


An inordinate amount of my teen life focused on food: consuming it, refusing it, binging, purging – but most of all, trying to rewind time back to my younger years prior to my illness.

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Health, Nutrition, Overcoming Depression, Weight-loss

Natural Remedies For Beautiful Skin


Beautiful and fair skin is everyone’s dream, especially the ladies. This is a skin that is mostly spotless, no blemishes, light and adequately moisturized… Here are some of the natural tips that could help you get that skin you always dream about. These come without much expense or side effects, and easy accessibility since they are more of home solutions.

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Health, Beauty, Natural Remedies

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