The Psychology of Sleep


According to psychologist Wilse Webb, sleep is a combination of sleep demand, circadian tendencies, and sleep-related behaviors. Sleep demand depends on on your previous night’s sleep and what you did that day- how much time does your body and mind need to properly restore itself?

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Tez Talks 18 "Q & A on Food, Exercise, Relationships, Parenthood And Feeling Low!"


Today you guys have asked the questions and I have answered! I really enjoyed this format and would love to do another like this again! I discuss relationships, feeling low, my food and exercise regime and parenthood! @yourzenlife @tez_palmer

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How to Graduate College Without Wishing You Didn't


We all know how the story goes. Your friend from high school graduated from college a year ago. What was she majoring in? English? Communications? Something like that. Anyway, you just ran into her at the bookstore… and she was working there. Wait, what? The conversation went something like this:

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Benefits of Drinking Tea


I started drinking tea some time ago and it's delicious. As a result I wanted to learn types of tea and their benefits. Benefits of drinking tea: Tea contains antioxidants. Tea reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Tea protects your bones. Tea bolsters your immune defenses. Tea protects against cancer. Tea helps keep you hydrated. Tea is calorie-free. Tea increases your metabolism.

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Healthy Snacks


As we all know, everything we eat and drink has a reaction in our bodies. But something that many people say is that we should always eat a morning and mid-afternoon HEALTHY snack. Why? Well, the way snacks work in our bodies is that when we ingest them they actually contribute to give us an “extra dose” of energy and nutriments, that eventually will lead to a better digestion, a faster metabolism, a better, faster and more natural fat burning process; these snacks of course need to be healthy and small to be able to actually work and benefit us.

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Easy Ways to Show Compassion


With our busy lives, it is so easy to forget that other people can also be tired, stressed, and overworked. We can take out our negative feelings on others instead of directing the energy into something more positive. Showing compassions for others not only helps them, it can also help boost your own spirits and make you a generally happy person. Here are a few simple ways to show compassion for friends, strangers, and the planet!

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Yogi Date Balls


Things are often really busy in my life so I am constantly looking for quick snack ideas that I can grab on the go, especially when I’m heading out the door to yoga. I find that having a quick snack about 30-minutes before yoga helps boost my energy levels for a great class. Yogi Date Balls are one of my favorite snacks because they are easy to make ahead of time, store in the freezer and then grab as I’m running out the door.

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Setting your Vibrational Tone


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve asked for something so strongly, with so much faith, only to receive nothing, or perhaps something entirely different from what you asked for? Well, I have, and let me tell, it wasn’t pretty. I got mad and I asked myself, ‘What went wrong? Why didn’t I get what I asked for? Why hadn’t my manifestation come true?’

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5 Tips for a Healthy Breakfast


It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of your day; even your dog knows that. You should never skip it and should always focus on what you put into your body first thing in the morning. So here's 5 steps to turn your breakfast into the healthy kick-ass start of your day.

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Be a Runner


As a personal trainer and runner I like to promote running as a great way to shed some weight without allocating a lot of time within your daily schedule. It helps you burn calories at an expedited rate and is most productive when it compliments some sort of strength/weight training regimen. Running is also a rejuvenating activity. I find it to be life affirming. There is something spiritual about breathing beyond your norm while your whole body works in unison. It can be quite therapeutic. It's no wonder why so maybe people who take up running fall in love with it. It is more than just an exercise activity, it is a metaphor for life.

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