How Beliefs Affect Your Health


When people decide that they want to improve their health or their body they normally think they have two options.

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Food: Love Over Fear


Food was always the enemy. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. I would incessantly gobble up chocolate and French fries and chicken fingers and milkshakes. I knew it was wrong and I hated how I looked, but finding restraint when the tempters were so salacious was nearly impossible.

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Maintaining A Healthy Weight - Webinar


My Webinar: "Maintaining A Healthy Weight Without Restriction, Deprivation or Constant Exercise"

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New Years Resolution: Soda Vs Water


It's no secret that soda is bad for our health. However, as terrible as the sugary drinks may be, they have a way of becoming an unhealthy addiction. You're probably thinking, “An addiction? Isn't that a bit dramatic?” Nope. Absolutely not. As someone that has experienced soda addiction, I can say that it's just as hard as any addiction to kick. Yet, it is not impossible.

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Why I Drink Chlorophyll Every Morning


There’s been a lot of buzz around chlorophyll for a while now. If you never got on board with this health trend, or forgot what it’s about, let me fill you in.

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Brain Food (And Drinks!)


Here is a list of healthy food that increases your brain function.

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5 Ways To Resist Overeating During The Holidays


It can be really easy to get carried away in the celebrations and eat way too much over the holidays. Sweet treats and plates overflowing with food are a common occurrence that will leave you feeling sluggish and bogged down. Here are 5 simple things that will help you resist overeating at parties, potlucks and buffets.

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