The 'Green Dream' Smoothie


We all know that a key to living a healthy lifestyle is eating your greens, but sometimes that can be hard for those people who don't enjoy eating a bowl full of leafy salads or raw kale and spinach. So here's an easy, quick and DELICIOUS way to get your greens in, and fuel up for the day! I have this smoothie nearly every morning and it makes me feel so good inside and out!

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Arugula, Creamy Avocado And Massaged Kale Salad


Let me tell you a secret: I love kale. My love for kale doesn’t come from its taste, but from its benefits. Kale supplies us with powerful antioxidants, boosts in Vitamin A & C, and as much iron as a serving of beef. Kale has been referred to as a “nutritional powerhouse,” and one of the world’s healthiest foods.

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Fall Treat: My Homemade Recipe for an All-Natural and Delicious Applesauce


Autumn is finally here! As much as I prefer the warmer seasons and hate the idea that we are only mere months away from the snow-covered abyss that is winter, I can’t help but have a special admiration for the Fall season. It’s sort of the fun prerequisite for the holiday season. The leaves begin to change into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, while covering surrounding roads. Pumpkins become everyone’s new best friend, either decorating homes or making a tasty appearance in an overabundance of autumnal-themed drinks at local coffee shops. Plus, let’s not forget all the delicious pies.

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Recipe: Clean Pasta!


I am Italian so pasta is my LIFE. But, I’m also not naturally thin, so pasta is my nemesis. It’s the worst!! I’ve been trying to come up with a cleaned up alternative that I actually can get behind and finally came up with it after a few new product finds.

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Recipe: Raw Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake


Raw, vegan cheesecakes were amongst the first healthy desserts we were able master, and when we did, we didn’t stop at one. They are packed with nutrients, have only a small amount of sweetener in the form dates/coconut nectar and are so flavoursome! Most are also fortified with an amazing superfood. As much as possible we like to follow Hippocrates’ mantra of ‘Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food’.

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Snacks, Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!


Snacking has such a negative connotation associated with it in our culture, but I believe it's because most of us are doing it all wrong. If we use healthful snacking as a way to curb otherwise bad eating habits and behaviors, we are winning all around.

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Recipe: Raw Caramel Slice


Caramel slice is one of those decadent, more-ish, perfect fix of chocolate type desserts! But, traditional ones are laden with refined sugars and really not the best for us. Never fear! Below is an amazingly delicious, absolutely raw and refined sugar free recipe for caramel slice that tastes so good it will have everyone fooled that it isn't 'bad' for you!

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