Raw Choc / Hazelnut Bliss Balls


One of the most common questions we receive of people looking for advice on beginning their health how to give up chocolate when trying to be healthy. Let's face it, the taste of chocolate is just too good! Well, the answer simply don't have to!

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Labor Day Recipe Roundup


Summer's not quite over. Some of the weeks leading and into September are some of the best days of summer! Long warm nights, hot days, all leading up to Labor Day weekend - the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

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5 Superfoods To Boost Your Energy


When you have a bunch of items to tackle on your to-do-list or need a midday pick-me-up, try these 5 superfoods that will naturally boost your energy and flood your body with essential nutrients.

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Beauty And Immunity Coco Latte


The “beauty” of this smoothie recipe is that it doubles as both a skin saving tonic and an immune system booster.

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How To Be A Truly Healthy Vegetarian Or Vegan


Following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is a choice that many choose to make. Whether it is a choice fuelled by humane concerns or just a downright dislike of meat, this type of diet results in a major shift in the intake of dietary protein. The vegetarian or vegan diet is often equated with the notion of a healthier lifestyle choice. It is perceived that to omit meat and other animal products from the diet automatically opens the door to glowing health. Unfortunately, in many circumstances this is not the case.

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Raw Vegan 'Nutella' Cream Pies


These delectable, healthy desserts are chock full of hazelnuts, boasting high levels of Vitamins B1, B6 and E, manganese and antioxidants, and Raw Cacao Nibs bursting with glittering antioxidants, magnesium and bliss nutrients to help keep you feeling happy and healthy.

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Diets, Weight and Protection


I love film. I know nutritionists are meant to say that they never watch TV but for me it’s not true. While I don’t watch normal free-to-air TV, I do spend a fair bit of time on Netflix.

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