The Gluten-Free Craze. Should You Climb Aboard?


There’s always a fad floating around. Sometimes it’s jelly shoes and quinoa and other times it’s crop tops and juice cleanses. Then there are these crash diets that magnetically draw people in. You know? And it’s all great; it’s fun to be in mutual agreement with half the population for a change. But can we at least admit to jumping on a bandwagon at some point in our life without any reason or prior knowledge about it? Say yes. This is about gluten, by the way.

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Why Become Vegan?


I've heard a lot of people say being vegan is bad for your health, but studies confirmed that it's actually the opposite: going vegan is a very good choice if you know how. An explanation on what vegan diets are you'll find in one of the previous YZL articles. If you ever struggled with the question "Should I go vegan or not?", here are some of the many reasons why the answer should definitely be: "Yes of course!"z

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How To: Vegan Baking


Ever since I became a dairy-avoider, baking became on of my biggest passions. For everyone who has experienced problems with avoiding dairies while baking, here is a list of how to substitute them. Butter How to substitute: Butter is probably the easiest dairy product to replace in vegan baking. The simplest swap is margarine and I don't know any vegan baker whose refrigerator doesn’t include a tub of Earth Balance. Unrefined coconut oil can add the thickness that butter would, and canola oil works in recipes with liquid sugars or solid fats, such as ground nuts or chocolate in cakes.

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Delicious Vegan Protein Smoothie (Without Protein Powder!)


Protein is a key macronutrient, and particularly important for vegans who chose to avoid meat, dairy and eggs in their diet. A breakfast with protein is the best way to start you day, as it keeps your blood sugar levels stable, is filling and keeps you from reaching for lollies and baked goods throughout the morning. However, many trainers recommend starting your day with meats – which are a great source of protein, however can leave you feeling overly full, bloated and heavy. Here is a simple protein rich smoothie made without protein powder or animal products; instead using all natural ingredients to leave you feeling satiated but not weighed down.

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Margarine vs. Butter


Which one is better margarine or butter. Or both? Whether for cooking or for something else, margarine and butter are something really important when it comes to cooking and baking. Margarine and butter make things palatable and "yummier". Of course they have their own little secrets. Many people ask themselves: "Is margarine better? Or maybe butter?" Butter is an animal product, while margarine is entirely plant based (this doesn't mean it is good). People who know a little bit about healthy eating prefer butter of course, other people who become vegan prefer margarine. But who is right? Both sides are wrong.

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Breakfast to-go


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” Yes, we know that. We have heard that a lot of times. However, we keep skipping it. For some of us mornings are too stressful to sit and eat a proper and balanced meal. Having slept for only a few hours we have to deal with kids that refuse to wake up, or pieces of clothing that decide to hide when you most need them. We end up leaving our houses with our stomachs empty and getting something at a drive-through or at our nearest coffee shop. Sound familiar?

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Time to try something new. Not just in your fitness routine, but in the KITCHEN!


Come on ladies (and you fabulous gentlemen reading), don't be afraid to get creative! I know making something new in the kitchen can sound daunting and intimidating, but I promise you, it's actually quite easy and fun - and if you choose the right ingredients, your body will thank you...and probably so will your family members!

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