The Cycle of the Moon


Some hundred years ago, we believed that the Moon played an important part in our lives. We once knew about its magnetic field and understood the power it exerts upon us. It was a time when nature was one of our best allies. We worked alongside and within its creation and that brought peace to the hearts of many past civilizations.

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Self Awareness


If your mind determines the quality of life, then the way you think, and the relationship you have with yourself are the most important elements to achieving self confidence, happiness and success.It all begins with being self-aware.

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Tez Talks 16 "Lessons I Learnt from my Birth"


Tez Talks 16 "Lessons I Learnt from my Birth" Today I talk about my 25 hour natural labor and all of the unexpected things that came up. I learnt a great lesson in letting go of control and being present. I talk about these lessons learnt here and how my birth has helped guide me in ways that I didn't expect.

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Shhh...It’s A Secret! Or Should It Be?


Most of us have some sort of secret being held hostage inside. And sure, keeping a surprise birthday secret is one thing, but when it comes to deeper issues, be it a health disorder, cheating on a lover or any other thing that causes embarrassment or concern, then letting it out is the only way forward. The reason people often keep things hidden is because they fear how others will react to their secret; being rejected, scorned or stigmatized does not help anyone work through a serious issue. Problem is, keeping secrets can be harmful to both our mental and physical health. It can really eat you up.

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How To Be Successful…In Your Everyday Life (Positivity Sure Looks Good On You!)


You know that moment when you're driving, or going about your day and you realize today is a good day? Or, you think about how things are finally going your way and you have this feeling of contentment, of satisfaction? When I have those moments, those days, or those self-realizations I take a moment to honor them and smile. Sometimes I wonder why I can't just bottle that feeling up and use it whenever I want to. And then the answer hits me, if I were to be on that constant high all the time I wouldn't be aware that it existed, and it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity, Overcoming depression

The Art of Waiting Out


In this day and age, waiting out is an excruciatingly painful thing to do; especially to the modern man, too accustomed riding the high lane. Everywhere he goes, everything he does, he finds himself caught and surrounded by red buttons of instant gratification that are shoved into his face without his consent. After decades of breathing, swimming, and functioning within technology, we have inadvertently chained our own survival sensors to these buttons— technological buttons—and have subconsciously re-wired our lifestyle and way of thinking to the point that we now press these buttons even when we do not need them. We press them out of habit, out of comfort, and out of fear of ‘Waiting Out’.

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Communicating What You Want


From the Pueblos to Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), there are many schools of thought which teach that hoping for things is counterproductive. It’s suggested, admission that whatever you want is not already present actually makes it harder for it to become present. The doubt and fear included in hope actively fight against the underlying intent. Instead, imagine a reality where you have what you want. Make the reality as real and detailed as you can; let yourself emotionally, and sensationally feel how you would in that context. Then add a feeling of gratitude and appreciation to that moment. Those emotional connections will help transfer what you want to this present moment. After that, don't worry about it.

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