Interview with...Simone Milasas


Simone Milasas is a dynamic business leader with a difference: in a very black and white industry, she is taking a different approach and always looks for the ways in which you can bring joy to not only business, but life. We got to sit down for a chat with Simone and pick her brains on all things life, joy, business and philosophy!

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Why YOU Is So Important


We are taught that it's good to be altruistic and put the needs of others in front of our own sometimes. But once in a while we get so caught up in others - helping them, listening to their opinion or adjusting to their needs - that we forget that we need to take care of ourselves first. Unless we give time to our body, our mind, our own being, we can never feel whole, at peace. We forget that there is no explanation needed to take care of ourselves. We are allowed to be selfish and unforgiving when we need to.

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Interview with...Dr John Demartini


Today we have the pleasure of having a conversation with a very special guest; human behaviour expert, best selling author and international educator, Dr John Demartini. As one of the leaders in his field, Dr Demartini, who is an inspiration in himself (wait until you read his story!), is a wealth of knowledge and throughout this interview provides us with facts and information to inspire and point in the right direction, no matter what stage you are at of your own journey.

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Five Ways To Live A Light-Filled Life


You know those people who have an innate glow about them? Light bounces off their faces, their eyes twinkle and they just seem to be filled with light, or some kind of magic. Well, guess what? As much as the beauty industry may try to convince you that the answer is its latest ‘magical’ glow-inducing product - that’s not going to get you a truly luminous, light-filled glow. The secret (now not so secret) to achieving this is by adding more light to your life – in every sense of the word.

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WTF Is Adrenal Fatigue And Why Should I Care?


Adrenal fatigue is a term used by holistic practitioners to describe the state of body and mind a person experiences when their adrenal glands run on empty. This often happens following periods of intense stress, and if left undetected or unmanaged, can lead to chronic fatigue, which sees a person severely debilitated for months, even years, at a time.

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Stillness. The silence that engulfs the air, making it thick with it. The pauses between words, that beautiful calm filled only with the beating of hearts.

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Spend Your Energy Wisely


We spend our days conscious of time. Conscious of how many hours of daylight and darkness there are to accomplish whatever it is we want to do in the space of 24 hours. But how often are we conscious of our energy while we are using it? And it’s not only physical, but emotional and spiritual energy. Because in the same way that there’s a limited amount of hours in each day, each of us has a limited amount of energy to spend as well.

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