The Magic Of Manifesting


The first time I heard about manifesting was through this so very wonderful site, in one of Tez’s Talks. From then on I was so incredibly interested and intrigued by the concept. Manifesting is when you purposely create a vision for your future, and begin saying, thinking, or writing the things as if they are already true. It is an extremely powerful method, one which is rather therapeutic and transforming!

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Synchronicity And Meaningful Coincidences


Have you ever had an experience where something occurred out of the ordinary? Perhaps you were thinking about someone you hadn't spoken with in several years, and then all of a sudden you received a phone call from that person. Or maybe you had been following a path in relation to your career and you reached a roadblock. Not knowing how to make it through the hurdle, all of a sudden the answer was delivered to you, plain in sight, right into your lap. Did you ever think about why that long lost acquaintance contacted you? Or why the answer you so desperately needed appeared at the right place and right time? What if there was a Divine plan working behind the realities of life, helping us on our way to fulfilling our purpose?

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Getting Out Of That Slump


Whether it's seasonal, heartbreak, school overload, work stress, or just low in motivation and energy, everybody goes through the stage of feeling exhausted and fed up at the world, and that is totally normal!

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Why do swallow fly south in winter? Why do salmon return to their natal stream for reproduction and what is the reason a baby turtle makes its way to the open ocean? It is all due to instinct. Instinct is an inborn pattern that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli.

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Chris Sandel - Webinar


Info about the latest webinar from Chris Sandel - click here for all of the details!!

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Lucid Dreaming


We are a generation of daydreamers and night thinkers. Never before has humanity had the potential to be so connected – to each other, to information, to the faraway. So why are we so disconnected from ourselves?

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Knowledge Is Power


Confusion. If there is one word that sums up most people’s eating dilemmas, it’s confusion. People just don’t know what they should be eating. We live in a time where information is literally at our fingertips 24 hours a day. You don’t have to go back that far to a time when if you wanted to know something you would have to go to the library or maybe you had a set of encyclopedias at home you could look up.

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