Working With Energy #1 - Grounding


This is the first in a seven part series of short and simple meditations to help you better understand how to work with the energy of your soul and create your life with joy, ease, and grace.

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Where To Start? Here's How, With Ashtanga YOGA!


It's time to access the wisdom of your body by moving yourself into a sequence of health-enhancing shapes. Don't put it off any longer - as soon as you think about it, you've already talked yourself out of it! Set your alarm clock and off you go, bursting with enthusiasm, aligning your body and soul to the yoga rhythm!

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Stepping Into The Light - How To Own Your Story


We’ve all been there right? There’s a part of our past that we’re not too thrilled about sharing. There’s that mistake or failure that we’ve experienced that we’re ashamed of, and we beat ourselves up for it. All the guilt, all the sadness, and all the pain gets washed up into our present lives, preventing us from moving forward and really stepping into our own light.

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How To Deal With Anger And Not Burst Into Tears


I was thinking of the word anger and what it really means. Like, what does it mean to really be angry? A common definition relays the feeling to annoyance and displeasure. That seems right, I do feel both of those things while 'angry' but why do we feel that way towards others or situations, why do we care? I did a little follow up and when we express/feel anger we are using the limbic system in the brain and not the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is the thinking part of our brain while the limbic system is basically our emotional center.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity, Inspire, Heart, Overcoming Depression

20 Affirmations For Serenity Now


The use of daily affirmations is a super cool way to draw serenity and peace into your life immediately. Affirmations serve to help you instantly shift your focus back to the present moment and release any worries or fears that may be impairing the natural flow of your day.

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Are You A 'But' Person


How many ‘buts’ are there in your life? ‘But this, but that’. I’d love to apply for that job, but I just don’t think I’d get it. Yes, that guy seems great, perfect actually, but there’s no way he’d go out with me. Are you letting your ‘buts’ get in the way of putting yourself out there, going for those opportunities and ultimately living the life you always dreamed of?

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity, Overcoming Depression

How To Live Well: My Interview With Petra Nemcova


I was instantly in awe, and yet completely comfortable while sitting down alongside Petra Nemcova. After she kissed me on my cheek three times (I was ready for the first two; I am French I know how this goes, but the third was a complete surprise!) I laughed and we introduced ourselves. I guess I should have picked up on that foreshadowing right there, being an English major and prior AP English teacher. I guess I should have known that Petra and I were going to get along like we had known each other for years. But like that third kiss hello, I was completely surprised! My interview quickly became real girl talk and I loved every second of it! Read on to see how women should celebrate themselves everyday!

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