Working With Energy #5 - The Energy Of The Stars


Last time we explored the idea of the healing benefits of working with the Earth’s energy. In addition to the energy of the planet, we can also access the healing benefits of the energy of our surrounding stars.

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Working With Energy #4 - The Energy Of The Planet


Human beings aren’t the only beings with energetic bodies. Animals, plants, trees, and even the planet also have an energetic field or body. Our physical bodies are designed to be nourished by the Earth and all it’s incredible food sources, while our energetic bodies are designed to work with the energy of the planet which, if we allow, can balance and revitalize us.

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Sand: Nature's Exfoliator


Recently, Tina and I went to Lake Coeur d’Alene. It was a warm, sunny day in September and we leisurely strolled barefooted along the sandy beach. Our feet slightly sunk into the soft sand, squishing between our toes, while the lapping waves washed the sand off with every step. The combination of sand and water soothed our feet.

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Working With Energy #3 - Releasing Energy


Previously we expanded on grounding by learning centering. Now let’s go a step further and learn how to release unwanted energy.

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Tez Talks #20 - "Point Positive"


In this Tez Talks, we meet our beautiful and inspiring friend Kai who really is one of the most knowledgable and full-of-sunshine people in the entire world. Kai discusses positivity and choosing to see the light over darkness in life and helps explain it in an honest and easy-to-understand manner. It is so inspiring listening to him speak and his insight and spin on things. We are so excited to have the wonderful Kai on board for some exciting sessions coming up...stay tuned!

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Working With Energy #2 - Centering


Last time we explored grounding and being present, now let’s take it a step further and explore centering. Centering is the practice of taking our attention and focusing it within our body. Centering naturally raises our vibration and deepens our connection to our higher self and our souls information. So let’s begin.

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End of Summer; Sabotaging Thoughts, and Advantages


This past summer I slacked off quite a bit on my eating plan. A large reason for slacking off was what I like to call “sabotaging thoughts”. Sabotaging thoughts are, essentially, the thoughts that give me permission to eat something that wasn’t good for me and didn’t benefit my health. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to eat a piece of cake on occasion, but often times when I start eating an unhealthy food, I start to crave it more and then allow myself to indulge too often. Then I notice the change in my body and how I feel, and I realize I’ve fallen majorly off track.

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