Why do swallow fly south in winter? Why do salmon return to their natal stream for reproduction and what is the reason a baby turtle makes its way to the open ocean? It is all due to instinct. Instinct is an inborn pattern that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli.

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Chris Sandel - Webinar


Info about the latest webinar from Chris Sandel - click here for all of the details!!

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Lucid Dreaming


We are a generation of daydreamers and night thinkers. Never before has humanity had the potential to be so connected – to each other, to information, to the faraway. So why are we so disconnected from ourselves?

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Knowledge Is Power


Confusion. If there is one word that sums up most people’s eating dilemmas, it’s confusion. People just don’t know what they should be eating. We live in a time where information is literally at our fingertips 24 hours a day. You don’t have to go back that far to a time when if you wanted to know something you would have to go to the library or maybe you had a set of encyclopedias at home you could look up.

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Working With Energy #7 - Creating Energetic Boundaries


So far we’ve learned how to ground, center, release energy and how to work with the healing energy of both the planet and the stars. We’ve also learned the functions of our basic seven chakras. In this final installment we’ll learn how to set energetic boundaries.

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Working With Energy #6 - The Basic Seven Chakras


Our energetic body interacts with our physical body through energy centers called chakras (Sanskrit for spinning wheel). These energy centers are like pinwheels of light that spin and, similar to the iris in your eye, can close down or open up to allow more energy in. There are hundreds of chakras both in and around the physical body, but for our purposes we’ll explore the seven major chakras that reside within our body.

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Working With Energy #5 - The Energy Of The Stars


Last time we explored the idea of the healing benefits of working with the Earth’s energy. In addition to the energy of the planet, we can also access the healing benefits of the energy of our surrounding stars.

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