Tez Talks 17 "Eradicating Painful Patterns for the Last Time"


In this Tez Talks I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be speaking with Spiritual Psychology Coach Candace Van Dell, a dear friend and inspiration. We discuss the steps to ending all painful patterns and creating synchronicity and peace in your life. I LOVED my coaching with Candace, it really triggered some positive changes in my life (and pattern awareness!) to book a session with her, email at candacevandell@gmail.com Check out her incredible writing on this work over at www.TheAuthenticThread.com and follow her Instagram @CandaceVanDell.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, Positivity, Inspire

Facing Change and Undergoing Transition


As human beings... we are a little bit like passengers riding on a roller coaster. That's right: deep down... we are all cute little stick figures! What you see here is my personal attempt at depicting change and my own understanding of transition.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity, Inspire

Finding Your Own Voice


In this day and age, it is pretty easy to get absorbed into feeling “unworthy“, or just “not good enough“. Our society, the media and even people that we love often put different kinds of pressures and expectations on us, and, unfortunately, we are not always aware of this happening and consider this standards our own.

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Positivity, Overcoming Depression, Psychology, Philosophy

What if money was no object?


This is a lecture by philosopher Alan Watts. Below is a transcript of the video above: What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like? Let’s suppose – I do this often in vocational guidance of students. They come to me and say, “Well, uh, we’re getting out of college, and we haven’t the faintest idea of what we want to do.”

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity

A Story of Overcoming--Oren: From the Mud Grows the Lotus.


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2036175796/oren What does one do with all these ideas swimming around her head? What do you do to take back your power after every door has closed and you have heard your final “no”. Well this girl threw herself into the deep end. I took back my creative power and I took back my inspiration. I wrote a film called OREN.

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Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity, Overcoming depression, Inspire

The Cycle of the Moon


Some hundred years ago, we believed that the Moon played an important part in our lives. We once knew about its magnetic field and understood the power it exerts upon us. It was a time when nature was one of our best allies. We worked alongside and within its creation and that brought peace to the hearts of many past civilizations.

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Philosophy, Psychology

Self Awareness


If your mind determines the quality of life, then the way you think, and the relationship you have with yourself are the most important elements to achieving self confidence, happiness and success.It all begins with being self-aware.

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Positivity, Psychology, Philosophy, Overcoming Depression

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