Now is the Time


Now that it's May it's a perfect time to check in with you all and see who has stuck to their New Year's resolution. If you have stuck to it-Kudos! Carry on. As the months fly by it's easy to lose the motivation that you had at the beginning of the year. You know that unwavering desire to change. Well, if you are waiting for a sign to get back to it, this is it.

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How Moving Your Body Differently Can Help Your Health


I used to think stretching was just a practice of tugging my body in different directions to stretch it out one way or another. Recently I discovered this isn't really the case. I learned through martial arts that any extra movement that is not towards your goal can make your goal more difficult to reach. After some thought I realized that can be applied to stretching too. Most of the time when I stretch now I notice the lack of flexibility or out of alignment parts are more because of a way of holding myself then from a lack of bodily capability. In most cases, I don't really need to get more flexible or stronger, I just need to get out of a habit of holding my body in a way I don't want to.

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A Pre-show Workout and Diet


So, I do a lot of plays, musicals, and stage shows. I always have to be in shape for the dancing and be in good health for the long hours. I literally cannot get sick...EVER!! Before and during a show, I follow a specific workout and diet that I am going to share with you. Workout:

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Why You Should Keep Going


How many times have you been in the middle of a workout and thought ‘I can’t do this!’ We've all thought this at some point in our fitness lives – whether it was during a first time run, during a physical education class at school, or with a trainer in a gym or park.

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Postnatal Yoga


The birth and the first weeks with your baby can be difficult. After all these joys and hard times, your body needs to recover and you need to relax. What better way than to do yoga?! Postnatal yoga is a physical and mental activity that is gently practiced with or without your baby! You can practice postnatal yoga a few weeks after the birth of your baby!

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Recharge Your Workout With Plyometrics


It's the holiday season, and I have been slowly losing weight, getting fit, and having a fun time figuring out what works for me, and what doesn't. I couldn't wait to post about what I have, in the past two weeks, added to my gym routine. It is called plyometrics-

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Secret to a Better, Healthy, Fit Body


A few months ago I heard from a friend of mine about this amazing, but insane workout that focuses on extreme athletic workout. It’s called “Insanity”, maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe even tried it. I tried it and it didn’t go exactly as planned; the workout is fully cardio and consists in a 40 minute workout once a day for two months.

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