Going Green For The Holidays


With the hustle and bustle of Christmas quickly approaching. Many of us aren't taking the time out to think green. But, I'm taking it upon myself to go green this holiday. So I put together a few ideas so that you can go green with me.

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Under Water Forests


Coral reefs are built by colonies of tiny animals found in marine waters that contain few nutrients. Most coral reefs are built from stony corals, which in turn consist of polyps that cluster in groups. Corals are related to jellyfish and anemones, and most species are colonial.

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Our Plastic Earth


Plastic is everywhere. We are a planet of plastic. It is extremely hard on the environment and creatures of our world and it takes a lot of chemical pollutants and fossil fuels to make plastic.

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Book Review: The Honest Life


To start I have to admit that I absolutely love Jessica Alba. She is a wonderful actress, a mom, an environmentalist and a social justice activist. As if that is not enough, she is the co-founder of an environmental friendly, non-toxic company. What I admire most in her is that she really fights for a better world and uses her voice for the good, she educates, gives back, goes to D.C. to advocate for Safe Chemicals Act to shake up America's awareness on the effects of exposure to dangerous toxins and to push Congress to pass the act. She also wrote this fantastic book which is called "The Honest Life".

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Why You Should Switch To Organic Beauty Products


In the last couple of years a lot has changed in my health habits: I have been through vegetarianism, veganism to trying to find a balance between taking care of myself and my body while taking care of the environment. Then I thought: if I am being so careful about what I put in my body food-wise, then why am I not as careful when it is about what I put on my body?

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The Benefits Of Compost!


Composting is a great way to accomplish many goals to help preserve the environment. Sustainable living is one benefit of composting because it uses the organic materials in everyday life to create nutrient rich material to help your garden grow. By using organic materials from home instead of tossing them in the trash, you can help reduce greenhouse gases from landfills. Another brilliant way to use composting is as a family experience. Get children involved and teach them the joy and benefits of creating something that will produce food they can eat, or flowers they can pick. This helps children learn about biology, environmentalism, and patience, as well as getting them out of the house (away from the television, video games and tech devices) and doing something impactful and productive that they will benefit from.

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Dolphins in Captivity


Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) are the most well-known species of dolphins around. Dolphins, as well as other (marine) mammals are kept in captivity for entertainment as well as for research purposes. However, many animal lovers say that it is cruel to keep wild animals in captivity. There are two sides to the argument. On one hand, keeping animals in captivity is for the sake of educating the public on the wildlife habits as well as environmental issues. By doing so, the public becomes more compassionate towards these animals. Furthermore, these animals are often held captive for the purpose of studies and observation. Being able to understand the behavior of dolphins would aid to formulate more ways that would benefit the animals in the wild.

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