What Fish Is On Your Dish?


I’ve always had a thing for the ocean. I like to swim, love the animals that live in the water and am fascinated how oceans and marine ecosystems work.

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From Harvest to Health: Planting Organic


While I’m the first to admit that I’m not a natural-born gardener, starting an organic vegetable patch has been etched on my ‘To Do’ list for a while now, recently leading me to dig up some details on the basics of this growing trend.

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Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes


Once blessed with the responsibility of nurturing a precious new life, it is natural that many new mothers start exploring the benefits of organic food, natural care products and organic baby clothes. I’ve compiled a list some of the benefits of choosing organic materials for your baby (in particular, cotton) below, but I’d like to make a little something clear first. I know for most of us, it is just not realistic to be able to afford to exclusively dress our babies in organic clothes. Like any of my advice geared at living a more natural and sustainable life…baby steps are the way to go. Small changes can make a big difference! At the end of the day, my intention is not for a parent to read about all the benefits of organic clothing for their wee one, only to slump back and feel guilty that they can’t afford to follow suit 100%. It’s about arming you with knowledge so that you can make choices that align with your ethos and budget, where possible, where desired. So, what are the benefits of investing in some organic pieces for your bubba’s wardrobe?

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A Glimpse of a Variety of Eco-Friendly and Organic Bedding Products


Organic and eco-friendly bedding products are gaining immense popularity as it is safe, hygienic and comfortable beyond measure. Today there is a huge spectrum of earth-smart bedding products made available through various offline and online stores at affordable prices. The options for eco-friendly sheets are growing consistently with a huge range of products such as bamboo, wool, silk and cotton.

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Reusable Menstrual Products


I first learned about alternative menstrual products around 2006. When I started using cloth pads at the end of 2007, my life was changed! Excruciating (sometimes to the point of near fainting) cramping for three - four days turned into one day of manageable cramping. Heavy, long periods turned into moderate, shorter periods. This past July I first tried a menstrual cup. Best.Thing.Ever. Reusable menstrual products do not contain any chemicals that disposable products contain, such as chlorine or dioxin. They are healthier for you and the environment, and last many years; you may even forget you have your period!

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How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods


Are Genetically Modified (GM) Foods good for you or are they harming you? While regulatory authorities have approved for GM food to be on the market, some people are concerned that there is a risk of harm since there have been several cases of people getting different kinds of sicknesses at the time of ingesting these modified foods, like apparition of sudden rashes, allergic reactions, cancer, viral and bacterial diseases, etc.

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Small is Sexy!


I’m not referring to height, weight or the size of body parts here. What I am referring to, however, is the notion of living a smaller lifestyle and it’s impact on our level of personal happiness.

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