Reusable Menstrual Products


I first learned about alternative menstrual products around 2006. When I started using cloth pads at the end of 2007, my life was changed! Excruciating (sometimes to the point of near fainting) cramping for three - four days turned into one day of manageable cramping. Heavy, long periods turned into moderate, shorter periods. This past July I first tried a menstrual cup. Best.Thing.Ever. Reusable menstrual products do not contain any chemicals that disposable products contain, such as chlorine or dioxin. They are healthier for you and the environment, and last many years; you may even forget you have your period!

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How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods


Are Genetically Modified (GM) Foods good for you or are they harming you? While regulatory authorities have approved for GM food to be on the market, some people are concerned that there is a risk of harm since there have been several cases of people getting different kinds of sicknesses at the time of ingesting these modified foods, like apparition of sudden rashes, allergic reactions, cancer, viral and bacterial diseases, etc.

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Small is Sexy!


I’m not referring to height, weight or the size of body parts here. What I am referring to, however, is the notion of living a smaller lifestyle and it’s impact on our level of personal happiness.

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Keeping your fresh food fresh


I’d love to have the time to duck down to the local market every morning, but it’s just not as practical as a weekly shop. My parents were big on frozen veg and packaged foods, so I’m breaking new ground with my fresh focus and along the way I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to get the most out of my goods pre-expiry.

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The Myth of Bottled Water


Fresh, clean, pure- these are adjectives used to describe bottled water. But is it really? Commercials are used to sell people wants. Cars, clothes, even love (eHarmony, anyone?) But more and more we’re seeing commercials for a basic human need: Water. Portable, plastic-cased, mass produced water.

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Off to the Woods


There are times in life when the world seems like it is spinning a bit too fast and we’re gradually being left far behind, and for some reason things stop making the proper sense and start dancing a strange out-of-step dance. That’s quite normal, since everyone passes through troubling moments sometimes, but the way each one of us manages to take things back under control is the main point of living a lovely and excitingly free life.

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Easy Tips to Help You Travel Green


By Cliff Barre Tags; Travel, Eco-living, Environment Traveling with an environmental conscience is very easy to do. Cutting your carbon footprint and not wasting resources not only helps the environment, it can also put money in your pocket. Try these simple tips to help you travel green. Before You Head Out Turning off everything powered by electricity means better fire safety and less energy usage. Remember, unplugging anything with a standby mode isn't enough. Most coffee makers, televisions, microwaves and chargers need to be completely unplugged. If it's an instant on, pull the plug! Doing this will ultimately save you lots of money as well. Less is better. Packing lighter can save your back and our atmosphere. Heavy luggage requires more gas to move in cars and much more jet fuel in aircraft. A plane packed with heavy luggage needs to carry thousands of pounds of extra fuel to carry it. You benefit by not being one of those people lugging armfuls of luggage everywhere. While You're Away Thinking local wherever you are has benefits on multiple levels. Shopping, buying, and eating with local businesses contributes to the local economy and helps cut overall emissions. You get the benefit of local food and area farmers have outlets for what they grow. Recycle on the road with the same vigor you do at home. If hotels don't make recycling easy, ask them why not. Reuse as much as you can. Those thick and luxurious towels don't have to be dropped to the floor after each shower. Green Destinations: Upstate New York While many will not not think of upstate New York as a vacation destination, I can assure you that it has much to offer. First, rent a cabin on the Finger Lakes and enjoy beautiful scenery with several outdoor activities to participate in. Go boating, hiking, or fishing all while knowing you’re not doing any harm or damage to the environment. Wine connoisseur? Check out the Finger Lakes wineries holding hundreds of wines for the tasting. The wineries also practice and follow green initiatives to better our environment. If you need a break from the outdoors travel towards the heart of upstate New York to Syracuse. Syracuse is home to the worlds largest green shopping mall in the world. Portland, Oregon Known as “America's greenest city” Portland, Oregon is a city with an exploding foodie scene, incredible scenery, and a culture that strives for sustainability. The most bike-friendly city in the country invites you to explore with pedal power. With light rail service in the airport, it's possible to take vacation to Portland and never get in an automobile. The Portland Zoo, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, The Lan Su Chinese Garden, and the hip scene of the Pearl District are easy to reach. It only takes a little planning to travel to wonderful destinations in a way that is good for the environment. Cliff Barre, of Vermont, lives with wife Tiffany and son Steven. He would like to think of himself as an eco-friendly, responsible traveler who supports all things green. He says its never to late in the game to go green and hopes that this blog posts and the help of other bloggers can spread the news about green initiatives we can all get involved with! Follow Cliff on Twitter:

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