New Years Resolutions?


The beginning of the year has come and gone and the new years resolutions are well into progression...Or are they? What did the start of 2015 mean for you??

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Taking The Easy Way Out (No, Really)


Often we are told: “no pain, no gain!” from those who are successful or working on being successful. To an extent, this is true. You must experience the darkness to bask in the light. When it comes to mindset, there are a thousand roads to take that lead to ultimate peace and happiness. Every second of every day, a thought scurries through your mind and this pushes you one way or the other: sadness, or happiness. You have the complete power to have a say in what you think.

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The Road To Manifesting Your Positive Day


Ending a day full of positive outcomes is such a rewarding experience, and there are a few simple steps to help you have those days more often than not.

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An Introvert’s Reminder: Why Socializing Isn’t So Bad Sometimes


For many, the word introvert equals chosen isolation as an effect of one’s failure to communicate well with others. As outcasts, introverts are deemed to lack the knowledge of appliance of social norms; as a consequence, they are thought to be abandoned into a world of solitude.

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Benefits Of Travel


I always like to think of travel as a privilege. You can either do it, or you can't. Sometimes it may be because of bad timing, or financial reasons or sometimes it can be because of different types of travel phobias - such as fear of flying or crossing oceans. But, I personally think there is such rewarding benefits from taking a trip every now and then, whenever you can, and on whatever scale.

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7 Beauty Secrets That Are Free


Think about how much you spend each year on beauty products. This includes: makeup, skin care, hair care, etc. I know that I personally probably spend $500+ each year on these products, if not more. The thing is, I like makeup. I like feeling pretty or beautiful. I like receiving compliments. However, I realized something just this past week. Beauty is free. The person that you are, the ideas that you hold in your mind and the love that is in your heart all help to make you the beautiful person that you are today. Scars, acne, stretch marks...whatever it is that you believe makes you “imperfect” actually makes you just the opposite.

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Reconnecting With What Nourishes You In The New Year


Welcome to a new year ~ a year of new possibilities and renewed faith in hopes and dreams.

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