Interview with...Melissa Ambrosini


If you don't already know the name Melissa Ambrosini; you're about to find out why you should! She is an inspiring-full-of-sunshine-bursting-with-love-glass-half-full kinda gal and super talented woman with an infectious zest for life! This lady is all about building up self love and shutting down your mean girl! So, you can imagine our delight when we got to sit down with Mel to not only find out more about who she is and what she does, but to pick her brains on all things health, wellness and meditation!

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Child Sponsorship - Keyri Update #2


Tina and I are still sponsoring our lovely little girl, Keyri from El Salvador. It has been an amazing 4 month journey so far. Since we began sponsoring her, we have written 5 letters to her. About 40 days into the sponsorship, we received our first “get to know you” letter from our 7 year old sweetheart.

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Interview with...Mia Freedman


We had the honour of sitting down with founder and director of Mia Freedman and we got to pick her brains on all sorts of things from health, wellness and life. We love and are inspired by this amazing lady who is also a journalist, author and media consultant and powerhouse when it comes to life in general. She’s clever, honest, funny, witty and not afraid of lines…or crossing them. She sticks to her beliefs and speaks her mind, but from her heart. Oh, and she is totally an advocate for women empowering one another! What’s not to love? Read on for our chat with Mia xx

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Tez Talks #22- "Leaning In To Discomfort"


Tez Talks #22 - Leaning In To Discomfort - today, our girl Tez openly and honestly communicates how our mind has the tendency to take us to a habitual place of comfort and the 'known' and what that looks like when difficulties or change happen and / or are needed. She beautifully expresses how we are creatures of habit and how to work through and embrace discomfort and the ebs and flows of sorrow and joy.

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Tez Talks #21: "Establishing Boundaries"


I am SO excited to be back with a new Tez Talks! Today I talk about establishing boundaries. This is such an important thing to be aware of in all aspects of our lives; family, friendships, work. By having clear and open boundaries and putting them in place - it means that our relationships with one another can be as healthy as possible which in turn, allows them to grow and thrive.

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Tez Talks, Inspire, Knowledge, Positivity, Love, Life, Wellness, Relationships

How To Stay Afloat When You Feel Like Sinking


“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

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The True Meaning of Beauty: My Experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder


I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorpic Disorder two years ago after becoming obsessed with the condition of my facial skin. I spent the majority of my diagnosis numbed by medication; starring blankly into the mirror picking at severe cystic acne only I could see. I was emotionless and unable to control my compulsion to pick. I felt so alone and frustrated in my experience, spending my days convincing myself that what I saw was real. My obsession controlled me and I lost everything. I stopped eating, ended a five-year relationship, dropped out of university and missed out on so many special occasions and family celebrations, choosing instead to spend my days in front of the mirror.

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