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As you know, Your Zen Life is a scrapbook of ideas; a platform for opinion and discussion and an outlet to share stories of personal triumph. The site isn’t just by us, it’s by you!

And so we are inviting you to add a ‘page’ to our big online YZL scrapbook and be a guest contributor!

Articles can be on anything well-being related. topics include- alternative therapies, Eco-living, nutrition, veganism, recipes, healthy change journeys, positive thinking, relationships, working with a budget, exercise, meditation, natural pregnancy, spirituality (any kind) charity, restaurant reviews in your area, personal triumph stories, natural beauty regiments, overcoming adversity, law of attraction etc but of course feel free to write about anything that you feel compelled to share.

The articles can be between 300-800 words, and we would need a 30 word bio and a link to your blog/twitter/website.
Here is an example

Matt Goiney: I learned the roots of spirituality and holistic health from Aupuni Iwi'ula, Tom Seal, Steve Smith, Faith Paulele, Sid Woodcock, Bon Kuo, and others. I'm excited to share it!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MattG_888

Website: http://lifeandwellness.tumblr.com

We would also appreciate if you could include an appropriate picture to add to your article, either one you have taken yourself or one that you have permission to use (please do not send a photo that you have not gained permission to use, as you could be held liable for it’s unauthorized usage).

As a disclaimer, we are required to say the following. By sending us an article you give us permission to make necessary amendments to your contribution, including grammatical edits and cutting down word count if it applies. At no point will we add anything to your work. We are merely requiring permission to edit your contribution down as we see fit or as is necessary for the website.

So again, this is what we would need from you before we will post your blog:

- An article on anything well-being related 300- 800 words

- A Photo that directly corresponds to the content of your article. (Note: not a head-shot). Please note that it needs to be something that you either have permission to use or have taken yourself.

-  Your twitter, facebook and/or website link to be included on your blog posting

- 30-50 word bio (e.g sabrina jasmine is an avid yogi, writer, vegan, animal lover and has studied theology for the past 4 years. she embraces a happy and healthy lifestyle and loves spreading her wellbeing knowledge to the world)

If this all sounds cool to you, then we would love to collaborate with you!!

You can just start writing and send your awesome contributions to us as an email when you're done.

Send your articles to:


Thank you so much!

Tez and Phoebe




YourZenLife is an online scrapbook where like minded people from all walks of life can share their knowledge and passion for health and wellness. YZL offers an outlet for conversation, interaction, education and contribution. We want you to join us and encourage and inspire each other to live our happiest, best lives possible, and make an impact on the world. Welcome to YourZenLife!

"Be the Change you wish to see in the World" –Gandhi

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