Charlotte Dodson

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What is your name?

Charlotte Dodson (Yoga to the stars!)

What is your star sign?

Scorpio (a nice one, I might add!). I'm a proud scorpio - intuiative, sensual, and posessing of an "all or nothing" attitude!

What is your current state of mind?
A calm and observant state... but dwelling within this mindset is an ever-present 'Go for it!" life philosophy - my ultimate aim in all that I do is to spread positivity to the world.

When and where are you happiest?
I love being in or next to the ocean - finding myself anywhere in nature is nourishing to my soul; communing with our natural world is the essence of what life is all about!

What do you value most in your friends?

Loyalty, passion and positivity. I love all my friends for their honesty, wisdom and great humour. Life itself is something to smile about, and friends provide a great mirror for us to see the beauty within our everyday existence.

Which Living Person do you most admire?
My twin sister, for her dedication and wisdom. She's my best friend - always knows what I'm thinking and loves what I love. She's a huge source of inspiration for me, full of humour and simply an adorable human being.

What is your most treasured possession?
My motorbike is the best thing I own, it rocks! It carries me everywhere and I just love the freedom it gives me.

What do you do to make you smile?
Waking up to my doggie, Cooper - he's always happy to see me, and greets me with a cheeky grin... and whenever I'm feeling a little fragile, he's always there to make me smile.

What do you do that keeps you healthy and fit?

I love my daily ashtanga practice, and walking my doggie for a few hours most days is a great low-impact form of steady cardio. Both allow me to cherish every moment and embrace any challenge that life has presented to me.

Describe what you eat in a day?

I eat what I feel my body needs - yoga teaches you to be in tune with (and be aware of) all aspects of life, and nutrition is one of the most fundamental areas of wellness.

I love coconut water, I swear by it! It's something everyone should drink, as it hydrates and rehydrates the body with its essential electrolytes - replenishing me on all levels.

Protein in my diet does wonders for my figure. For breakfast, I love either a muesli mix, berry-flax-kefir smoothie, or eggs with spinach and goats' fetta.

I usually eat brown rice with veggies or a mixed salad for lunch, and for dinner it's generally a fish delight - whether that be salmon, trout or spelt fish pie!

Do you take any supplements?

I never leave my home without a bottle of E3Live (, which is an organic, wild-crafted freshwater single-ingredient Superfood. It's a total mind and body tonic which contains every essential nutrient  (vitamins, minerals, essential fats, proteins, chlorophyl, antioxidants) that the human body needs - an incredible source of highly-absorbable nourishment that benefits energy levels, cognitive functions, mood balancing, and provides overall cleansing effects.

Do you have any natural beauty tips?
Get plenty of sleep - there's a reason it's called ‘beauty sleep’ - ensuring that you have adequate, nightly levels of deep sleep is one of the key essentials to maintaining a youthful-looking, healthy, glowing skin tone.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Along with my trips to India, New York was my greatest inspiration and extravagance. Exploring these cities, where every street corner seems to have a yoga school, reinvigorates my dedication and creativity to this path I have chosen. It gave me the insight to learn, evolve and create my own unique teachings.

What is a favorite motto or quote that you try to live your life by?

'Be true to yourself and become that which you are' - Dodson 2001

'No coffee, no prana' - Sharath Rangaswamy



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