Beauty Of Less


A strange thing about being a material girl in a material world, is that you’re constantly being told you’re not enough.You don’t look fashionable enough, and you need new clothes.

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Colors In Nature


The occurrence of color in nature is timeless and takes place worldwide. The fact that green is the color of grass and that blue is the color of the ocean has been a reality since the beginning of time. There are different color mechanisms present in nature, all with their own reasons for occurring. Colors trigger psychological associations. This goes for just seeing one specific color, like the color red, which we associate with fear and danger. Also, the combination of colors triggers a specific psychological association, like the green and black arrow frog, which other animals and humans associate with being poisonous. Some animals use mechanisms that scare of predators; some creatures use color changing as a hiding mechanism.

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Green, Fair and Sustainable: Spring Clean Your Wardrobe


Having studied fashion design for three years I’ve spent a great amount of time obsessing over trend and style, as well as production standards, exploitation and labor conditions in the textile industry – coming to terms that boycotting brands that are producing fashion under morally questionable social and environmental circumstances surely is a good start, but ultimately not enough. A beloved piece of clothing becomes part of our life; part of our identity and it’s important we get past the anonymity of a clean and tidy shopping mall and find out the real story behind our clothes.

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How To Create A Toxin Free Beauty Regime


To what extent are chemicals in skin care a problem? Most of us use cosmetics and other personal care items without a second thought, believing that none of the chemicals will affect us, however, studies suggest that our skin absorbs close to 60% of the topical products with which it comes into contact. It is claimed that women who are using make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 2 kilograms or 5 lb of chemicals per year into their bodies. Some studies suggest we may be wearing about 515 chemicals per day.

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Not So Innocent Abroad


From where we sat the sun felt close. I watched the fresh cement crack in the heat. Below us, the setting concrete stretched down to the favelas. Through clouds I could see the stairs reach the hilltop. Every few steps sat an unlikely gathering of local Peruvians and Australian volunteers. We waited. The Australians had traveled the breadth of the Pacific Ocean for this purpose: three days of volunteer work in the favelas of Lima. We were assured that the stairs would provide access to healthcare, schooling and land rights. It was a good project. However, the longer we waited the clearer it became that it had a foundational flaw. That flaw was us.

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Myths In Biology


Are dolphins really always happy or do they just look like they are? The appearance of a smile is the consequence of dolphin physiology and not really a measure of mood. Like this myth, there are quite a few commonly accepted myths in nature. Here are five more very common misconceptions in biology.

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The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants


Plants and flowers are amazing living organisms that are most commonly known for creating oxygen as well as a feeling of Zen and relaxation. Yet, there are many other benefits of having plants in your house or in your work office. Plants can help with many ailments including stress, colds, headaches and filtering contamination from the air. Plants not only provide greenery, but they interact with your mind and body in ways that help to create a better quality of life.

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