The Body Book - Giveaway


Here at YZL we are focused on living our best lives and being the best version of YOU, you can possibly be. Which is why we are super excited to have joined up with the wonderful team over at The Body Book to giveaway a copy of Cameron Diaz's inspirational and motivational health and wellness book helping you to love and take care of your body.

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Lovable At Any Size


After a particularly hot summer spent wearing maxi dresses and yoga shorts, the weather began to cool off and I ventured into my closet to find my jeans. I grabbed one of my favorite pairs and pulled them on and up over my hips but squirmed as I tried to fasten them. I wiggled my way out of them and tried another pair only to have the same issue.

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I Am Not Afraid


I’ve noticed how there seems to be so much pressure put on people to reach that point of success where you have everything you could ever want. I guess with greed, people have suddenly decided that unless you’re making millions per day, you’re not living your life to its optimum potential.

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Tez Talks #23 - "Small Steps To More Happiness"


Today Tez talks about happiness, what makes you happy and shine your brightest and the steps to take to achieve greater happiness. There are simple ways to find some clarity and enjoy life more.

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Build Self Confidence: The Ultimate Relationship Makeover


Our romantic relationship isn’t so different to our favourite pair of stilettos. Really!
If the heel breaks off your stiletto, whom do you blame? The manufacturer, the shop owner who sold you the pretty shoes in the first place, the guy on the street who just happened to look your way as you went flying booty over tit into a rose bush.

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A Letter From Phoebe...


Hello friends! I am sure by now you have read that there will be some changes to Your Zen Life, and the exciting new extension of the site, Your Zen Mama.

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A Letter From Tez...


I wanted to write you all a note because we have some news here at YZL...

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