Tez Talks 18 "Q & A on Food, Exercise, Relationships, Parenthood And Feeling Low!"


Today you guys have asked the questions and I have answered! I really enjoyed this format and would love to do another like this again! I discuss relationships, feeling low, my food and exercise regime and parenthood! www.yourzenlife.com @yourzenlife @tez_palmer

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Easy Ways to Show Compassion


With our busy lives, it is so easy to forget that other people can also be tired, stressed, and overworked. We can take out our negative feelings on others instead of directing the energy into something more positive. Showing compassions for others not only helps them, it can also help boost your own spirits and make you a generally happy person. Here are a few simple ways to show compassion for friends, strangers, and the planet!

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Lessons I've Learned From True Friendship


I wrote this based on what I sincerely believe friendship is. This train of thought was greatly spontaneous, as I never quite imagined myself gathering the courage, nor strength to share my definition of the word “friend”, which I think is completely personal, but extremely universal as well. I’ve had my share of bad experiences involving others surrounding me, and as I am flourishing and entering the world of adulthood I see my past as a blessing. It takes time, but it’s alright because it does get better.

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A Specific Kind of Natural Law


For some time now, I’ve swung over my shoulders a cape which does not belong to me. I save worlds... but miss out my own. I pour my heart over matters which should really not matter... or should I say: could not possibly matter--not just yet.

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Philosophy, Positivity, Psychology

How To Win A Big Loss


When you lose something, or someone, the knee jerk reaction is to feel sad. And rightfully so! It’s a horrible thing to experience. That loss could be of a family member, friend, relationship, a pet – but they’re all significant in that they greatly impacted your life and now that impact, that feeling of love and the tangible physical form is gone.

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Understanding, Trust, and Love


A few weeks ago I wrote an article asking people to talk about how they perceive love. In that article I suggested that the more we talk about it, the better we can understand it. I talked all around the subject, but never offered any of my own thoughts on what love means to me. I realized upon reading the article that I had not done a good job of leading by example. If I suggest that people would benefit from talking about what love is to them, it seems to make sense that I would benefit the same way. Accordingly, here are some of my thoughts.

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Christmas, Fifty-Cents and a Soda Pop


Christmas day 2006 was a day my wife and I will remember for the rest of our lives. This is the first time either of us have ever shared this story with anyone. We were poor, stuck in a rut with nowhere to go and had nearly lost hope on ever achieving any of our dreams. It was a constant battle between staying positive and feeling so low that we didn't want any day to end because the next day would bring the same result and be yet another day of our lives wasted.

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Inspire, Philosophy, Psychology, Positivity, Overcoming Depression

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