Ways To Love Yourself


Last night I could not get to sleep because I found my mind thinking about previous summers and how many things have changed since then. Do you ever think about how many young girls make such a big deal of their physical appearance? They are too obsessed with their face, body shape and hairstyles. It comes back to all of us though, I believe there are 99 percent of us, who do it to ourselves constantly. I mean, it makes sense. We are all girls. We all want to be beautiful, confident, perfect and desired. But, in my humble opinion, ourselves and other people should pay more attention on what is on the inside, on internal beauty.

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A New Year


Although we don't need a new year, or even a new week or day to create a fresh start for ourselves — the finality of a year coming to an end can often act as the jumpstart we need to create positive change within our lives.

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2016 - A Very Happy New Year!!


Wishing all of our fabulous YZL community a happy, safe and healthy New Year filled with love, laughter and magic! Whether your 2016 is well and truly into gear...or whether it's still January 1st...wherever you are in this big wide world; here's to you and the New Year!!

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Tez Talks #25 - "New Beginnings In 2016"


As 2015 comes to an end and a New Year draws upon us, it is a time of promise, new beginnings, resolutions and a clean slate. However, it is also a time for reflection; to look over on what has been, experiences had...both good and bad, and what we have learnt from them. Tez talks about wrapping up the year, discusses her year and reflects on what that means to her whilst focusing on what 2016 is going to mean for her.

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Embracing The Unshakable Grief


With the holidays and time of joy and cheer upon us, I have been reflecting on my feelings from Fathers Day in the UK earlier this year and how I felt and always feel, especially on special holidays.

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Happy Holidays!!!



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Bottomless Heartbreak - Grief


G'day YZL readers! In a way, I wish I wasn't writing this sad but true post to you today! I wish instead I was sharing one of my much loved raw chocolate creations, or perhaps lending a few beauty tips for Summer. The reason I'm bearing my soul is because I feel that some of you may be suffering today too, and if so, please accept my deepest condolences, and love.

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