It's Okay To Be Selfish


I am 25 years old and I just went back to college. Since I’ve graduated high school in 2007 I’ve been a waitress, a bar tender, and a nanny. I do not wish to do these things for the rest of my life. I have goals, goals bigger than my imagination!

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Ditch V-Day and Celebrate International ‘Self-Love’ Day instead!


Valentine’s Day has the ability to sweep you off your feet in one romantic heart-fluttering waltz, or leave you standing by the dance floor, feeling alone and dare I say, miserable. Singletons are usually the biggest causality on February 14, but even those of us in relationships can be left feeling bitterly disappointed when those roses (or in my case ‘sunflowers’) get delivered to the desk next door. What are we left with? An ‘expectation hangover’.

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The L Word


The stores have started stocking up on those pink and red gift cards and milka chocolate hearts. So according to the supermarkets all around me, Valentines Day is coming. It really made me think again about what I want out of a relationship and what for me love actually means.

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A Healthier 2015


In July of 2014, I grew very ill. I became riddled with terrible stomach cramps, vomiting and (sorry if this is TMI) diarrhoea. In a span of only one week, I was in the emergency room five times. At first the doctors only believed it to be a case of the flu but after arriving there my fifth time, they knew that it was definitely something more than that. I was admitted for two days.

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Happy New Year


Wishing all our beautiful YZL-ers a happy, safe, love-filled and prosperous new year. We thank you for all of your support in 2014 and look forward to all that 2015 brings, including some big changes for Your Zen Life which we are so excited to share with you!! We love our little YZL community!! Begin your first day of 2015 with positivity, self love and laughter, to continue throughout the year. Have a wonderful New Years, wherever you are in the world. Sending love, light and happiness for 2015 xx

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Growth From Loss


I vividly recall the Wednesday evening after giving group to my clients’ and having one of the most wonderful and blessed conversation with Karen. Karen was the director of the facility I currently work for, and she wasn't just a colleague, but a friend and in many ways, a mother figure to me. That Wednesday night, which was our weekly ritual to chat about life outside of work, would be our last because she passed away the next morning.

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