Three Part Video Series For YZL by Chris Sandel


If there’s one thing that nearly everyone I speak to has in common it’s confusion. Confusion over what they should eat. On what diet to follow. Over how to lose weight. About what exercise they should be doing. The list is endless.

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Understanding Karma


I truly believe that we were all placed on this earth because there is a lesson to be learnt. Who we are and the surroundings that we exist in is no accident. Everything that we are exposed to, the facets of us are all from the result of karma. Karma is a balanced mechanism. We share affinity with the people in our lives, significant or not, they are there for a reason.

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Quell Anxiety With Three Easy Steps


It was mid-sophomore year when my mental and physical health seemingly dropped to new lows. Call it a sophomore slump, or homesickness, or my ever-growing course load; What ever it was, the anxiety began to creep up faster than Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. My anxiety, unlike several people I would meet in the future, was not serious or long-winded. It was a temporary, albeit painful and frustrating, internal and external reaction to the challenges that lay before me.

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My Favorite Snacks: Kale Chips


Yesterday I typed out a 7 day meal plan for my first week of senior year. Knowing exactly what I am going to eat helps me because then I won’t give in to temptation or contemplate eating something unhealthy. Each day I have three meals, as well as two snacks, which I like to call “mini meals” Kale chips have been my favorite snack this week. I’ll start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of the kale chips I’ve found at local markets. They don’t taste very fresh and often have too much flavoring. Today, I tried baking Kale chips at home and they were a complete success.

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Putting It Into Perspective – Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp


Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the small stuff. The common annoyances like an argument, forgetfulness, or bad traffic that we tend to dwell on. Getting upset and exasperated are normal human emotions, as is overthinking, but I’ve gained some new perspective on life that I would really like to share.

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Inspiration Wall For Your ‘Why’


This is my Inspiration wall. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, last thing before I go to sleep at night and is right next to my desk. It’s kind of like a 3D vision board. When I am struggling through a 2000 word essay for uni or a project for one of my internships and am losing motivation, I simply look over my shoulder and there it is. My reminder of why I work hard, why I want to succeed. I am a visual person, so having this inspiration wall as a daily reminder keeps me going, keeps me driven, keeps me striving. If you think this could help you, read on fellow human!

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Four Things I’ve Learned Since Going Vegan


I’ve been a veg-eater since I went vegetarian in February 2012 and vegan a few months later. I have never looked back! These are the most important things I’ve learned as a vegan.

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Chris Sandel - The Health Trap


Over the last couple of years as I have worked with more and more clients, I have become aware of a phenomenon that I describe as ‘the health trap’. So what is the health trap?

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The New And Improved You


“…every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives” –Steven Spielberg. One of the greatest things about being human is our unique ability to reflect on our lives and make improvements where needed. This is how we can make who we were become who we are now and in the future become complely different people again.

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Having a “Help Diary”


Many people will tell you of all the benefits of writing in a diary. These benefits are undoubtedly true! Writing down your thoughts and recording your feelings is a great outlet in a busy life and mind. I have tried and failed countless times to create a routine where I have a blank journal or sketchbook in which I write in. I even tried waking up ten minutes early before my routine to write my first thought in the morning. After many sad, mostly blank books where set on a bookshelf, I found an alternative.

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