The Calming Benefits Of Walking


One of the great things I've learned during my summer break is how soothing and therapeutic walking can be! Growing up I was never a girl who really enjoyed contact sports like basketball or soccer. Even now, I will usually forgo a trip to the gym in favor of a Hot Flow class at our town's local yoga house. With the weather getting warmer however, I craved to do something that would bring me into more exposure with the outdoors. That was when I began taking my afternoon walks. I would usually walk down the streets of my neighborhood while listening to soothing tracks on my iPhone. While I didn't realize it at the time; these walks were providing amazing therapeutic benefits to me!

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Yoga: Why You Don't Need To Be Strong And Flexible


I didn’t try yoga for the longest time because I told myself that I would wait till I was stronger and much more flexible. Those yogis always seemed to be tying themselves in knots with the strength to keep it in place. I couldn’t even touch my toes.

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Stillness. The silence that engulfs the air, making it thick with it. The pauses between words, that beautiful calm filled only with the beating of hearts.

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Green Tea Girl - 9 Reasons To Become A Green Tea Drinker


Anyone who knows me knows that I swear religiously by green tea. I have it every morning and thank the Chinese for discovering it more than 5,000 years ago. But here’s the funny thing – less than a year ago I hated green tea, absolutely loathed it.

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Beauty Of Less


A strange thing about being a material girl in a material world, is that you’re constantly being told you’re not enough.You don’t look fashionable enough, and you need new clothes.

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Recipe: Raweos by Taline Gabrielian


A hugely popular recipe and for good reason, my raweos are a raw version of the cream filled chocolate biscuit, the oreo. Except mine are made without flour, sugar, butter and an oven.

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How To Speed Up Your Metabolism – The Healthy Way!


A fast metabolism is a wonderful thing – you maintain and lose weight easier, and you also can get away with eating more high caloric foods at times without seeing the effects on the scale. Most of us know at least one naturally slim person, that can „ like a horse“ without putting on a pound.

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Build Self Confidence: The Ultimate Relationship Makeover


Our romantic relationship isn’t so different to our favourite pair of stilettos. Really! If the heel breaks off your stiletto, whom do you blame? The manufacturer, the shop owner who sold you the pretty shoes in the first place, the guy on the street who just happened to look your way as you went flying booty over tit into a rose bush.

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Interview with...Mia Freedman


We had the honour of sitting down with founder and director of Mia Freedman and we got to pick her brains on all sorts of things from health, wellness and life. We love and are inspired by this amazing lady who is also a journalist, author and media consultant and powerhouse when it comes to life in general. She’s clever, honest, funny, witty and not afraid of lines…or crossing them. She sticks to her beliefs and speaks her mind, but from her heart. Oh, and she is totally an advocate for women empowering one another! What’s not to love? Read on for our chat with Mia xx

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A Letter From Phoebe...


Hello friends! I am sure by now you have read that there will be some changes to Your Zen Life, and the exciting new extension of the site, Your Zen Mama.

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A Letter From Tez...


I wanted to write you all a note because we have some news here at YZL...

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