Do You Have A Daily Ritual? 6 Practices I Do Every Day.


Are you one for rituals? Do you have a certain way you put on your make-up or cook your breakfast?
While I’m all for being spontaneous and enjoying the moment, I’m also a big advocate of having little daily practices that allow one to nurture and center his or herself.

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It


"If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney
Everytime I read this Walt Disney's quote I have the feeling that I can really achieve whatever I want, I only need to have a dream and strongly believe that I can bring it into reality. So, this is why today I want to begin this article by sharing this quote with you; to inspire you.

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Taking The Leap: How I Handled A Sudden Change In Course


I love fashion. The colors, the fabrics, the art of it all, it’s epic. For almost five years now, I have worked vigorously to be able to be a part of that world as a fashion journalist. I started early, right before my freshman year of college, practicing my writing and style skills with a blog I created. After a couple of years, way too many late nights, and hundreds of emails, it began to turn into something of amazement. I was garnering readers, making fellow blogger friends, networking with publicists, collaborating with brands, and interviewing fashion up-comers. It gave me opportunities to accomplish dreams I never thought possible, such as attending fashion week in New York and other events. However, I recently hit a detour, around last winter to be exact.

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Mastering Your Mean Girl - Melissa Ambrosini


We are SO excited today to share with you our interview with the effervescent, lovely, inspiring lady that is Melissa Ambrosini and talk about her equally amazing brand spanking new book; Mastering Your Mean Girl - the no BS guide to being wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. Now, we don't want to reveal too much, because there is honestly so much juicy goodness for you to take away and discover for yourself and this really is a no-questions-asked-you-must-order-your-copy-immediately-you-won't-regret-it kind of thing...honestly, you simply need to get your hands on a copy of beautiful Melissa's new book.

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Choose Your Own Path


Becoming vegan was without a doubt, the most transformative decision and most impactful change I’ve ever made in my 19 turns around the sun. And, yes it did elevate my health, increase my energy levels, clear up my skin, elevate my mood, provide purpose and passion, and change my perspective, but none of those results are why becoming vegan has been so impactful.

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Travel Alone


“You should travel alone at least once in your life”, a wellbeing blog stated. I read through it avidly as a girl described how travelling the world on her own had opened her eyes, as she met new people, learnt about other cultures, and made a living out of writing a travelling blog. I was so fascinated by this that I read as much as I could on her blog. “I want to travel alone” I said to my mom.

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Child Sponsorship - Keyri Update #3


Hello everyone! This update should have happened already as we have received 2 correspondences from Keyri - but due to a personal life tragedy that Tina and I are now just coming out the other side of, that earlier update was put on hold.

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