The Beauty That Still Remains


“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank This quote never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If Anne Frank, in her situation, could still view life with a positive attitude, then why can’t we?

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Turning Point


There's a turning point in life for everyone. With death, birth, disease, love… Something happens and your life changes forever. But that's not a bad thing. We all need these turning points. We all need a change of our life's route at some point. Because if there wouldn't be a turning point in your life nothing changes. You would be stuck in one point in time. For example, if you would never fall in love with someone, you would never be able to feel that joy, excitement, enthusiasm. Or if you never live a pain like death or disease you would never understand how important your health or how much you need the love of the loved ones. And most important of all, time changes, so must we.

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News Toxicity: Are You Poisoning Your Mind?


How much news do you consume on a daily basis? Are you a news junkie or do you take small bites? This week I wanted to look at how news can actually make us take on a more pessimistic view of life and even trigger depression and low moods. It’s not surprising, given that our environment has the ability to lift or lower us. And news is part of our environment if we choose to make it so.

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Learning To Be Okay


An inordinate amount of my teen life focused on food: consuming it, refusing it, binging, purging – but most of all, trying to rewind time back to my younger years prior to my illness.

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Health, Nutrition, Overcoming Depression, Weight-loss

The College Thrive Guide: Preparing For the College Transition In 5 Easy Steps!


It’s that time of year! The inevitable changes and goodbyes of graduating high school often bring up anxiety, fear as well as anticipation of the journey ahead. While it’s completely normal to feel this unease about the transition, there are effective tools to help calm your worries and feel totally prepared to take on life as a college kid. Use these 5 simple steps to help you prepare for an awesome first year at school. In using these tools it’s a great idea to keep a “transition journal” as a way to jot down ideas and actively use the 5 steps.

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How to Graduate College Without Wishing You Didn't


We all know how the story goes. Your friend from high school graduated from college a year ago. What was she majoring in? English? Communications? Something like that. Anyway, you just ran into her at the bookstore… and she was working there. Wait, what? The conversation went something like this:

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8 Habits Worth Making Part of Your Life


After talking for hours with my doctor we reached the conclusion that there are 8 specific habits worth putting in practice. Why? Well, these 8 habits go from nutrition to personal growth and happiness, and I must say I’ve been trying to make them part of my life and they sure have made an impression on me.

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