Recipe: Raweos by Taline Gabrielian


A hugely popular recipe and for good reason, my raweos are a raw version of the cream filled chocolate biscuit, the oreo. Except mine are made without flour, sugar, butter and an oven.

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Recipe: Healthy Raspberry and Vanilla Cheesecake‏


This delicious Vegan Raspberry and Vanilla cake is not only delicious, but also so easy to make and guilt-free!!

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Teresa Cutter - The Healthy Chef


When it comes to healthy eating; Teresa Cutter aka the founder and director of The Healthy Chef is THE lady in the know and there is not much this talented woman hasn’t done! She is one talented lady and behind that vivacious smile is one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking who is equally passionate and dedicated to helping us all improve our health.

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ACE Of Eating For Beauty


When it comes to nourishing our skin, many of us will prioritise expensive skin care products over the foods that we are eating every day. But if you want to experience radiant and beautiful skin, the first step is in fact feeding your insides with a healthy diet! Your skin is the largest organ in your body and deserves to be nourished. Research suggests that there are a few key nutrients which are essential for radiant skin and for preventing many of the signs of skin aging.

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Loving Food Instead Of Fearing It


Food was always the enemy. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. I would incessantly gobble up chocolate and French fries and chicken fingers and milkshakes. I knew it was wrong and I hated how I looked, but finding restraint when the tempters were so salacious was nearly impossible. My freshman year of high school, I started to count calories. I gave myself 1200 a day and went to the gym to “win back” the ability to feed my starving body. As a 5’8” (and still growing) teenage girl, I should have been eating 2,000+ calories a day, especially considering the way I worked out. The minimal amount of calories that I did consume were empty. I would scarf down a bag of pretzels, eat an apple and finish lunch off with some lettuce dressed with lemon juice. I was not loving or cherishing my body like I should have been, I was merely feeding it the baseline amount it needed to survive.

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Learning To Live A Healthy Lifestyle


Confession: I’m 22 years old, and just recently cooked a meal for myself for the first time. Embarrassing but true. I’ve never had any interest in cooking, and spent four years eating at the dining hall at college. I started graduate school in the fall, and moved into my own apartment. I spent last semester eating frozen food, not working out, and wallowing in stress and anxiety as I adjusted to life on my own and an increased, difficult workload. One day, it just hit me that I wasn’t in college-land anymore: my real life had begun, and the habits I was creating would stick with me for life. Was I really comfortable with the degree to which I was taking care of my body, mind and spirit? I realized that I was not, and made the decision to change. I was going to make my health, both physical and mental, a priority.

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How Beliefs Affect Your Health


When people decide that they want to improve their health or their body they normally think they have two options.

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