Berry Smoothy


This smoothie is super loaded with superfoods! This entire smoothie is great for increasing your energy immediately and this is why...The blackberries help with proper digestion, and help move anything nasty that may be stuck in your bowels! Blackberries are also an anti-inflammatory and relieve pain in the body and instead making you more relaxed. They are also a great source of ellagic acid which is an antioxidant shown to protect the skin from damage from ultraviolet light. The more help we can get from foods the better! The blueberries are also extremely high in antioxidants, and just the sound of that word makes us feel better, and scientifically we know antioxidants to boost our immune system immediately! The blueberries are also high in Vitamin C which aid in weight loss! The strawberries are also loaded with antioxidants, making this an extremely antioxidant rich drink! This smoothie has been known to provide the body with an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system and improves the skin! When the immune system is strong, then it can fight off any sickness.

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A Rejuvenating Smoothie


I like to think of myself as pretty healthy, but sometimes when the holidays roll around or it’s been a hectic weekend, I don’t always make the healthiest decisions. To regain my nutrition and recharge my system I rely on this awesomely delicious smoothie. You will need the following ingredients:

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Make Your Own Buddha Bowl


Salads are a firm favorite of health nuts and a staple of any healthy diet – and for good reason! Salads pack a nutritional punch loaded with vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, protein, good fats and yummy dressing – everything you need to bounce through the day with a light yet satisfied belly and mounds of energy!

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Salted Coconut Sugar Popcorn


Popcorn would have to be my guilty pleasure and when I found out plain popcorn actually has many great health benefits I couldn’t help but get creative in trying to create a nutritious snack that incorporated it. Popcorn contains antioxidants called polyphenols that prevent damage to cells and have disease-fighting properties. Coconut sugar is a completely natural sweetener, which has a countless number of health benefits. Its low glycemic index can help promote excellent health. It also contains lots of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Finally one of my absolute favorites, coconut oil. The health benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your diet are far reaching. It can not only increase your immunity and help with weight loss, but it can also promote digestion as well as good skin and hair. Combining all these beneficial ingredients into one quick and easy recipe I came up with this sweet and salty snack full of complex flavors. Enjoy!

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My Latest Superfood Fixes


In the lead up to Summer, I’ve been experimenting with a few different ingredients in my “cooking”. And I say “cooking” in quotes because it’s a bit of a loose term with me. I generally like to “mix” things together rather than actually cook stuff. I guess I’m just not the Master-chef type of girl, not saying that I never will be, but right now I enjoy simplicity, especially in the kitchen. So I thought I’d share a few of my fave superfood fixes (that are very easily mixable with other things).

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Raw Fudge


INGREDIENTS 1 cup of melted coconut oil 2 cups nut butter (macadamia, almond) 1 cup raw cacao 1 cup of sweetener (honey,agave,maple syrup) 1/4 cup of goji berries 1/4 cup of Ground flax 1/4 cup of pumpkin seed 1/4 cup of raw coconut flakes

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Snack Food Ideas


My current favorite go-to snacks on-the-go!

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