2012: What’s the Big Deal?

19-Dec-2012 Contributed by: *Guest Contributor Seda
The Mayan calendar ends December 21st, 2012. There is a lot of speculation around what that means. Some say it marks the date the Mayans believed the world would end. Others say it corresponds to the biblical judgment day and foretells the apocalypse. For certain it’s a momentous occasion, and one that won’t happen again for 26,000 years.

We all know our days are delineated by the rotation of our planet and our years by the orbit of our planet around our sun. What many don't realize is our solar system also has an orbit. On December 21st it will complete its current cycle around Alcyone, the central sun of the Milky Way galaxy, aligning with the galactic center and opening a spiritual gateway to a new Age.

For those not familiar with astrology, the basic idea is that the energy and gravitational fields of the planets and stars around us heavily influence our everyday experience. In our environment, the moon’s gravity affects the ocean, causing waves, and in the most extreme instances, tsunamis. Similarly, the idea is that our individual and collective energy is affected as well, an influence reflected by our emotions (we are mostly water after all).  

As we come to the end of the Age of Pisces and ready to begin the Age of Aquarius, you can already see seeds for this new cycle are planted (Your Zen Life being a perfect example). The energy of Pisces was focused around individuality, competition, and conquest. The energy of Aquarius is heart-centered and focused toward working within groups for the betterment of all.

As individuals we can align with this new energy by reexamining our goals and beliefs. Are we honoring what is in our heart and moving toward things that bring us joy and serve the highest good of all? Or are we stuck in the old energy that wants us to try and prove our worth through competition and selfish gain. As we collectively awaken to the truth that we are all one, actions and goals in alignment with the greatest good will gain momentum, while competitive drives and selfish goals will meet increased resistance.

A major shift like this can be a confusing time. It's as if spiritually we are cramming for our final exam. Time may seem to be moving faster (it is) and our unresolved personal issues that no longer serve us are coming up strong to be dealt with so we can start fresh in the new energy. For those who have been consciously making this shift for some time the transition will likely be gentle. For those still solidly enmeshed in the old energy (aka stuck), the transition may feel like everything is falling apart and that almost over night, the rules have changed (notice how this is evident in our global economy and job markets). Indeed, the rules have changed!

So, moving forward into this new Age, how do we navigate? Listen to your heart. Our hearts are there to guide us. And now, collectively, we are ready to listen. Give yourself permission to embrace your fondest dreams and let passion and excitement be your guide.  Share your gifts and your creations with your community in celebration and loving service.  Surrender the minds desperate need to figure everything out and trust that you will be lovingly guided each step of the way. The new energy is here to support you - and that is a big deal!

Jersey born Seda is a gifted clairvoyant, artist, actor and filmmaker whose work is dedicated to inspiring others to live their most authentic lives. He currently resides in Los Angeles.
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