African Impact video By Teresa Palmer

31-May-2013 Contributed by: Teresa Palmer

At the end of 2010 I was lucky enough to volunteer for a beautiful organization called African Impact. While I was there I volunteered at schools, taught singing lessons and spent time playing with the children of the local communities in Limuru, Kenya. What I experienced during my time there impacted me greatly. I was so inspired by the hearts of these people. Their spirits were so beautiful and radiant, they were loving, accepting and non- judgmental. The joy they received from pure things such as human connection and a sense of community was so deeply moving to me. They became my teachers, as I taught much less and learned so much more than I could've ever imagined. I documented and edited together footage of some of my experiences. If it even crosses your mind to get involved with a charity like African Impact, please do so. I guarantee that it will make a beautiful imprint on your heart as it has done mine. Love Teresa.

Thanks to:
M83 for giving us permission to use their song "Outro" and to my dear friend Moby for helping secure this permission.
Rita Mbanga for everything on this trip and beyond.
Nash Edgerton
Sarah Graham and Andrew Conolly- you're both such special people and should be so proud of the work you're doing over there.
Dylan Stricklan
Phoebe Tonkin my soul sis, daily inspirer and yzl co-creator
All of my friends at African Impact
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