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20-Jun-2013 Contributed by: *Guest Contributor Mason Taylor

Years ago, before I was into raw food, superfoods, yoga or anything to do with ultimate

health, I was not a healthy person. I was not stricken with disease, but I was fatigued and

unhappy about my lack of vitality. Then a friend of mine mentioned a Tibetan berry that

the Taoist monks grew and ate as a spiritual superfood. I got him to bring some of these

berries to work so I could try them. I had never heard of or eaten a superfood, but when I

first chewed on these delicious goji berries I was suddenly introduced to a world of health

that I had only dreamed of. It was this experience that acted as a catalyst of transformation

for my health and my life. It was the beginning of my journey into raw food, superfoods and

the discovery of my own vibrant and abundant health.

Had it not been for that friend sharing with me about the goji I may not have found the

tools I needed to create abundant health in my life. It is for this reason that I share about

the magic and benefits of raw foods, superfoods, yoga and other health technologies with

my family, friends and colleagues... And I encourage you to do the same.

This in no way translates to preaching or telling people what not to do, it can simply be

offering your friend a goji berry or bringing a great big salad filled with living vegetables,

seeds, nuts, sprouts, seaweeds and superfoods to your next family event.

If you see a good movie, don’t you want to share it with the people in your life so they get

to experience it? Why would we not do the same when certain foods and practices give us

access to ultimate health? Don’t hog all the health to yourself! Share it with those you love!

Next time there is a birthday or a celebration, why not pass on the gift of superfoods or a

health book or DVD? I just gave a good friend of mine (who is not the healthiest of them

all... but is into weights) a bottle of spirulina tablets as an early holiday gift and told him

about its protein power. His eyes lit up and on top of that he has added in goji and lots

of raw foods in the space of 2 weeks! This would never have happened if I did not simply

share with him.

Believe me, your loved ones would love a peek into the world of health you are creating for

yourself. Get out there, be your vibrant self and share.

Mason is the founder of, an online superfood and supplement store.

He teaches yoga, does barefoot running and is a specialist in the field of living food,

superfood and tonic herb nutrition. His mission is to shift the culture of Australia to one of

Ultimate Health.

The link to my website SuperFeast is:
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