Benefits of Horse Therapy


“Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return. “ – Unknown Recently I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a privately owned horse rescue center. I did it, not just because of my love for horses, but because they have a way with calming me down and relaxing me. I feel like when I’m with them I’m not being judged or looked down on. I’m simply there to love and be loved. Which is what made me think of equine therapy and what it has to offer people.

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Book Review: 8 Things to Learn From: "Eat, Drink and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School to Healthy Eating"


Dr. Walter C. Willett, M.D., P.H., has been studying the effects of food on long-term diseases since the '70's. After decades of blood testing patients to get results about how the food they eat affects their future disposition to develop a disease, he got a life-changing statistic: "A healthy diet teamed with regular exercise and not smoking can eliminate 80 percent of heart disease and the majority of cancer cases".

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A Beginners Guide To Developing a Meditation Practice


So you don’t have time to meditate. Ask yourself this: do I have time to feel stressed and worried? We all have the space in our lives to clear out some of the junk and make room for a mindfulness practice. Meditation is the key to self-improvement, managing emotional issues and living a healthy, happy life.

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How to Get Fuller & Pouty Lips without Botox


Discovering newer ways to enrich your look with lip enhancement is not really affordable, and often it is bad for your health. Bigger lips, like Angelina Jolie’s, give a sexier appearance. Accordingly, I decided to look for the remedies which plump your pout naturally.

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Massages – Do They Relax More Than Just Your Muscles?


Most people are aware of the benefits massage hold for your muscles and to relieve pain. But did you know that massage also has an emotional dimension and can benefit your mind?

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Top 10 Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices


Unfortunately life starts to get a bit harder as we age, we might develop certain diseases/conditions, our skin begins to wrinkle, our sleep cycle becomes hectic and more! There are ways to counter this however, we can supplement with herbs and spices to increase our health and appearance. We'll go through 10 in this article.

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Managing Migraines


If you've ever had a migraine you must know how awful and painful it can be. When migraines become regular it can seriously lower your quality of life and even make way for depression. As with all health problems, prevention is better than cure so I've put together a list of things to help prevent a migraine. Please remember, however, that everyone is different and some things which may have worked for me may not work or work differently for you.

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