All Natural Winter Skincare


With the cold weather upon us, our skin tends to get drier, dehydrated, and easily irritated. Skin may lose more moisture in the winter due to changes in the weather and also the drying nature of heaters. During the winter you may need to adjust your skin-care routine. Here are a few quick natural skin care tips to keep your skin looking its best during the colder months.

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Everyone wants to look better, feel great, and live longer. We live in a modern world linked to technological and scientific advances yet we consume processed foods and conventional foods that lack nutrients. The ongoing effect of these poor nutrients has resulted in an increase in obesity, as well as other common and unique illnesses. It is important to be active and health conscious, likewise it is essential to consume superfoods (certain seeds, sprouted grasses, berries) which are special nutritionally rich foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. They are a powerful source of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential amino and fatty acids. They promote nutritional excellence, health and wellbeing, beauty, sustainable agriculture, and can transform individual diet and lifestyle, leading to a revitalized humanity and planet.

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The Benefits of Taking Cold Showers


For such a long time many doctors, acupuncturist, and so may other professionals have talked about the benefits of cold showers and the amazing effects that cold water has on your body. It would be an amazing time to start taking a cold shower yourself. Why?

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Reishi Mushroom in Chinese Medicine


Ganoderma Lucidum known as Reishi mushroom is a potent and profound tonic herb. It is known in Chinese Medicine as the ‘Herb of Spiritual Potency’ and as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’. It is one of the most well studied adaptogenic herb ever.

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Finding Your Way Back To The Light


I would like to share a tip that has helped me in my own life. Recently, I found myself moving in a downward spiral, as I became flooded with negative thoughts about many situations, which lead to a depression. The content of my inner dialogue was consistently one of negativity. My attention was being pulled to everything that was wrong or “not good enough”. As a teacher of yoga, I was aware that where I placed the attention is where our power lies. In this moment, I was not the mover but the moved, and I realized I was not in control.

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Maintaining Your Health While Maintaining Your Relationships


If you are like me, sometimes you truly feel like a party of one when it comes to healthy eating habits. Currently stationed in the Midwest I am no stranger to receiving a bit of flack when at a barbecue and I politely decline the mayonnaise drenched potato salad in exchange for the grilled fruit kabobs. This is America! Everyone should love burgers, potato salad, fries and ice cream…right? In truth, that was my childhood. I was raised on a steady diet of orange chemical powdered Macaroni and Cheese mixed with the mystery meat of hot dogs with a minuscule side of veggies. It was delicious at the time but I knew if I wanted to accomplish my fitness goals, feel good about my body and live a long healthy life I was going to have to retire that blue box in exchange for the color green. Two years ago, I embarked on an experimental self-guided detox program that has since lead me to attending natural health conferences across the U.S., and I haven’t looked back. Along the way there were family members and friends who fell into one of two categories- the adders or the subtractors. The adders were the ones who may not have fully understood my newfound love of wheatgrass, but they saw my change in physical appearance and change in attitude and wholeheartedly supported my journey. The subtractors were the individuals who projected their own insecurities on me in the form of making fun of my choices or putting me down when I declined going out to grab a pizza. Along the way I began to formulate ways to maintain these relationships. Food is a very sensitive subject. It is rooted in tradition, celebration and oftentimes emotions. When you feel the positive effects of healthy diet changes you want to scream it from the mountain tops, however subtle approaches may be better: Educate, do not judge. You see your best friend eating a GMO laced potato chip and your first inclination is to rip it from her hand and harp on her about how it is destroying her immune system. Stop. Take a deep breath and slowly lay your kale chips next to hers. If she asks to try one let her and explain the benefits of switching. Be patient and remember your journey wasn’t an overnight success either. The best leaders lead by example. Be grateful in every situation. There are a multitude of vegan and plant-based products on the market these days, some with a more refined nutrient profile than others. If a friend purchases the sodium and wheat laced veggie burger for you at a gathering beaming with pride that she entered the vegan section of the supermarket to find it, thank her. Thank her profusely for thinking of you and for taking the time to helping you stay on track. Additionally when you are offered meals in a family’s home try your hardest not to turn them down, sticking your nose in the air proclaiming you only eat organic X, Y and Z. This is where you demonstrate your inner gratefulness and education listed prior. It never hurts to come prepared. Keeping almonds, bananas and carrot sticks on hand will never be a bad idea. You know those Snickers commercials on TV that show hungry individuals turning into monsters when their appetite hits? The same feelings can crop up when you are hungry and in the presence of movie theater popcorn. Healthy snacks will help keep your popcorn binges at bay while making you a more pleasant person to be around. Collaboration is key. When I gave up dairy my mother looked at me in horror, thinking we would never be able to make our family’s famous lasagna ever again. Not so fast. We soon began to team up on an updated recipe with substitutes and options for me that tasted just as good as the original while bonding in the process as if she was teaching me the recipe all over again for the very first time. Add more adders, be careful of the subtractors. Some friends may grow angry with you, stating that you have changed and you are not as fun as you used to be once upon a time when beer and pizza Fridays were the traditional

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Homemade Natural Body Cream and Oil


For many years I’ve been looking for a natural body cream that actually works, that could make my skin softer, brighter and healthier, well, after looking for it for a while, I found this body cream especially made for pregnant women; this body lotion allegedly helps the skin to not “break” during all of the time the baby bump is growing so you don’t get any kind of stretch marks.

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