Benefits of Drinking Tea


I started drinking tea some time ago and it's delicious. As a result I wanted to learn types of tea and their benefits. Benefits of drinking tea: Tea contains antioxidants. Tea reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Tea protects your bones. Tea bolsters your immune defenses. Tea protects against cancer. Tea helps keep you hydrated. Tea is calorie-free. Tea increases your metabolism.

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Ditch the Bra if You Want Perkier Boobettes Ladies!


Lets be honest, wearing a bra can be a pain in the, err… Bust! Trudging into a fitting room, waiting to be measured, struggling into ten different styles to find the one that fits properly. Bra shopping often feels like more trouble than it’s worth. And according to one French scientist, it actually is!

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Medicinal Herbs That Should Be Staples in Your Home


Many people are turning to alternative ways to treat common ailments, rather than spending time and money at a doctor’s office. Eastern medicinal practices have become extremely popular, and the use of medicinal herbs is one of those practices that continues to see increased growth. Over thousands of years of trial and error, medicinal herbs continue to be a go-to source for the Chinese people in treating many illnesses. Whether you are new to alternative medicine and are looking to try a new method of healing or are simply brushing up on the uses of the most commonly used herbs, here is a list of the five essential medicinal herbs that every household should have on hand.

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The Best Way To Get Away With Eating Chocolate Everyday.


There’s nothing quite like the grounded buzz of high quality chocolate pulsing through my body. My awareness clicks into the vivid beauty that is alive all around me. My inspiration is sparking and my creativity is an endless river of connection to Source. Chocolate for breakfast means I have sustained energy until the early afternoon. My brain is in rhythm. My heart is open. My belly is happy. My digestion is regular. My smile is full and my vision is consulting with my dreams. I feel “YES”. This is why I eat chocolate everyday.

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Glowing Beauty: Journey to Clear Skin and Being Healthy


For a couple of months now I have noticed my skin getting a little splotchy and my energy going down way more than it should be at my age. I didn't know what was happening to me. I started breaking out all over my face. I am the normal teenager who eats too much junk food sometimes and not enough good food. My mom has always kept me really healthy, but recently, I have been on my own a little and have been eating more junk food than I have before. My body reacted and so did my skin. It was terrible!

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All Natural Winter Skincare


With the cold weather upon us, our skin tends to get drier, dehydrated, and easily irritated. Skin may lose more moisture in the winter due to changes in the weather and also the drying nature of heaters. During the winter you may need to adjust your skin-care routine. Here are a few quick natural skin care tips to keep your skin looking its best during the colder months.

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Everyone wants to look better, feel great, and live longer. We live in a modern world linked to technological and scientific advances yet we consume processed foods and conventional foods that lack nutrients. The ongoing effect of these poor nutrients has resulted in an increase in obesity, as well as other common and unique illnesses. It is important to be active and health conscious, likewise it is essential to consume superfoods (certain seeds, sprouted grasses, berries) which are special nutritionally rich foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. They are a powerful source of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential amino and fatty acids. They promote nutritional excellence, health and wellbeing, beauty, sustainable agriculture, and can transform individual diet and lifestyle, leading to a revitalized humanity and planet.

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