Gentle Parenting


Babies have brand new bodies, which means they are super sensitive to picking up all sorts of nasties. Although it’s tempting to reach for the chemical-laden ointments and medicines, many natural care methods are just as effective and 100% safe. Some complaints may require a doctor’s visit or more extensive treatment, but the most common are harmless and treatable with a little natural TLC.

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Nine Daily Detox Rituals


Okay, so first off what is a detox? In short, a detox is a time period where one abstains from or removes toxic or unhealthy substances from the body.

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The Priceless Beauty Technique You Need To Start Now


When it comes to looking and feeling beautiful, one of the techniques I always introduce to my naturopathy clients is SLN. It may sound like the next high tech brain re-wiring or food intolerance testing technique, however it is in fact way more powerful and more importantly – it’s free.

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7 Home Remedies For Beautifully Long Eyelashes


Eyelashes are designed to protect our valuable eyes from airborne pollutants such as dust; they also serve to reduce glare from sunlight and bright lights. Mystics say that the eyes are the window to the soul; eyelashes offer a shield from prying eyes and lend expression to the eyes as the focal point of the face. This is a feature we have repeatedly seen in models of women in ancient art; eyelashes add mystery to a woman.

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Beauty: Lovely Nature


It’s so frustrating when a skin issue just won't quit. The only thing more annoying is when you spend $20 on a cleanser full of ingredients that you can't say, and it doesn't even work. How many times, guy or girl, have we all been there? Trust me, I'm right there with you. Two years ago, I broke out on the right side of my face; there were literally bumps on top of bumps. At the time, I had no idea what was going on, only that I cared about my skin way too much to do nothing. My doctor prescribed me medicine to clear it up; he also advised me that in order to help my skin heal well, I should find natural facial products for my skin, preferably organic based. On that note, I tossed nearly all my facial products (of which, there were a lot), and looked to nature's view on skin care.

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My Joy And Love Of Pen Palling


I have been sending hand written and computer printed letters by postal mail for about 15 years. Over the course of time, the number of pen pals I have had has dropped off considerably due to technology. Nobody wants to send a personal letter in the mail anymore; it is just all email, texting and social media connections. It is sad because communicating information so often through these methods between pals often leaves no mystique left like there is when waiting for a letter in the mail.

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Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?


Are you a tea person? I totally am. I love tea. As I am writing this, I am actually enjoying a lovely cup of it.
Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Extracts of tea leaves are not only used for actually making tea, they are used as dietary supplements, skin treatments and shower gels. More and more people seem to be interested in the health properties of tea. There also seems to be a significant rise in scientific investigation on teas.

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