Managing Migraines


If you've ever had a migraine you must know how awful and painful it can be. When migraines become regular it can seriously lower your quality of life and even make way for depression. As with all health problems, prevention is better than cure so I've put together a list of things to help prevent a migraine. Please remember, however, that everyone is different and some things which may have worked for me may not work or work differently for you.

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Natural Remedies For Beautiful Skin


Beautiful and fair skin is everyone’s dream, especially the ladies. This is a skin that is mostly spotless, no blemishes, light and adequately moisturized… Here are some of the natural tips that could help you get that skin you always dream about. These come without much expense or side effects, and easy accessibility since they are more of home solutions.

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How To Get Healthy Hair Using Nature's Elements


I've always had very long hair. Even as a little girl, I looked like Rapunzel, because my mom wouldn't cut my hair. I also love sports, especially outdoors (ski, surf, trekking, ... everything). So, of course, that means I've always had to take care of my hair. As my mom has long hair too, I used to go with her to a very expensive hair salon where we had very expensive hair treatments. And I also spent a lot of money on expensive salon products for my hair.

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Rose Geranium


My garden was inspired by Rose Geranium. The moment I first rubbed my fingers on the leaves I discovered in essence what you could expect to smell in small bottle of Rose Geranium Essential Oil. Rose Geranium, unique to other Geranium plants contains a rosy warmth in it's smell. It is remarkable. Therapeutically, Rose Geranium can open a person up to living their life with self love. Self love sounds pretty simple, right? Well, Geranium doesn't mess around, its not interested in the feelings or the story. In fact, Rose is quite pushy, and when you put these two forces together, what you get can be rather loud. There is no room for the part of the story steeped in the past - the past is the past - she wants to tell you what she sees in you now, which is everything you have ever dreamed for yourself and beyond; and will surely tell you that you need to keep your attention on the Present, from here on out.

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Benefits of Drinking Tea


I started drinking tea some time ago and it's delicious. As a result I wanted to learn types of tea and their benefits. Benefits of drinking tea: Tea contains antioxidants. Tea reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Tea protects your bones. Tea bolsters your immune defenses. Tea protects against cancer. Tea helps keep you hydrated. Tea is calorie-free. Tea increases your metabolism.

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Ditch the Bra if You Want Perkier Boobettes Ladies!


Lets be honest, wearing a bra can be a pain in the, err… Bust! Trudging into a fitting room, waiting to be measured, struggling into ten different styles to find the one that fits properly. Bra shopping often feels like more trouble than it’s worth. And according to one French scientist, it actually is!

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Medicinal Herbs That Should Be Staples in Your Home


Many people are turning to alternative ways to treat common ailments, rather than spending time and money at a doctor’s office. Eastern medicinal practices have become extremely popular, and the use of medicinal herbs is one of those practices that continues to see increased growth. Over thousands of years of trial and error, medicinal herbs continue to be a go-to source for the Chinese people in treating many illnesses. Whether you are new to alternative medicine and are looking to try a new method of healing or are simply brushing up on the uses of the most commonly used herbs, here is a list of the five essential medicinal herbs that every household should have on hand.

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